“It’s Gudelj’s lack; they can complain but you’re welcome. What Monchi said is strong …”

first_imgZinedine Zidane valued the suffered victory of Real Madrid against Sevilla. First he did it in the flash interview and then in the press conference. On both sides, the coach of Real Madrid, asked about the criticism of Sevilla to that goal annulled to De Jong, stated that Martínez Munuera’s decision was the right one: “It’s necessary, they can complain but there’s nothing to do with it.” On the words of Monchi, in which he assured that if they annulled the second goal to De Jong he would take Sevilla out of the field, he said: “I think it is a bit strong what he said” …What feeling do you leave with?In the first part we suffer greatly. We do not enter the game well. We lacked a bit of everything and then we were much better in the second. Pressing up is our strength. We quickly recovered the ball. We have felt another attitude and in the end we can be happy because we played against a very good opponent that if you let him play complicates you. In the first part we suffered a lot in the game because we missed recovering the ball up.The importance of the second line has been demonstrated today.I think it was important for us to be more aggressive, more above the rival. We know that with the ball we were better and more dynamic in the second part. We can make plays like Jovic’s heel. They are things we know how to do. We were much better and more convinced to recover the ball in the second half.How important is keeping the whole game focused?It is essential for us. The matches are 90 minutes away. If you are not focused, rivals like today can mess you up. But this is nothing new. We continue with our good run. Suffering a lot today, but this is what we are going to play until the end of the season. But today you have to enjoy the three points.What else will Casemiro surprise us with?Offensively from time to time it may be there, in a position to finish off. The second goal has surprised me the most. Any player can make a difference in offensive position. Today was Case and I am happy with him.Sevilla complains a lot about the VAR. Have you seen both plays? Do you understand how VAR works?I saw the play of his first goal and it is a clear block. There is a lack of Gudelj. The second, does not ring the hand. For him it is not, but I saw her. That is why I never enter into assessing what happens in the field, because sometimes it happens against you, other times for you. It’s complicated, it is they [the referees] who decide. They can complain, but don’t complain.Has this been one of the most worked victories of the season? Very good Seville, sure. In the first part we have lacked a bit of everything and in the second we were better. If you let Sevilla play, as we did in the first part, it is a team that are good. We know what we have to do, we have to be convinced of the pressure, especially in our field.Monchi has said that if he cancels Munir’s goal, he takes Sevilla off the field. Do you think arbitration proceedings are so decisive?I don `t believe. The referee has done what he had to do. There is a hand and he hasn’t called it. And what do I have to say? I will not go into that. It is a very complicated game for everyone. The final result is logical because of what has happened in the field.The team is physically well. Is it the key of the team so that it is full?It is a fundamental part today. Players are machines, they always have to be physically well prepared. Today’s game has a higher speed. We know it and we work it. I think the second part was much better also in our possession of the ball.Neither Bale nor James entered the call. You have sometimes said that a player can train and not be available. Is that the case?Yes. They were a little touched. Gareth didn’t train the other day and just for that.Is Militao a player of the future for Real Madrid?Yes, and present. When it comes out it does quite well. He is young, can improve in many aspects. We are happy with all the players we have, and with the youngest ones too. They have to learn and do many things in the field, but we are in it to work.Can you understand Monchi’s attitude? Would you do the same?No, what he says is his responsibility. I am not who to tell you if you are right or not. In the end it is the referee who decides. It seems a bit strong what he says but I am not going to stop talking to the sports director of Seville.How do you see the evolution of Varane?We see it all. He has played his 300 match, but there is a lot of work. It is normal. It doesn’t surprise me, because when 10 years ago with coach Mourinho the club believed in him, it was a great decision. I am very happy after 10 years of seeing you here.What does victory represent?There are only three points, but it is very important. In the first part we did not know how to react very well, but that also happens. We knew how to react and be superior in the second part, raise the pressure a little more. When we don’t let the opponent play, we can have a great reward as we did this afternoon. Every minute we have to respond and we can be happy to have started a little badly and then well and not the other way around.last_img

Ibaka excels and Marc Gasol is injured in a good day for the Spanish in the NBA

first_imgPhoto: Reuters The Spanish players lived a good day in the NBA, with only the defeat of Juancho Hernangómez with Denver Nuggets and special mention in the individual for the Hispanic-Congolese Serge Ibaka, who left the best numbers with 24 points and 10 rebounds in the clear victory of Toronto Raptors against Atlanta Hawks (130-114), in which Marc Gasol was injured again.Even without digesting the death on Sunday of Kobe Bryant, the best league in the world tries to return to normal and lived one day with eight games and with the derby between Lakers and Clippers postponed by the tragic news. ‘Double-double’ (24 points and 10 rebounds) of the Spanish center against AtlantaWilly’s first ‘double-double’ in the course: 12 points and 10 reboundsDiscreet performances by Juancho Hernangómez and Ricky Rubiocenter_img At the Scotiabank Arena, the Raptors showed that they are at their best moment of the season, without injured key players, and added their eighth straight win against Atlanta Hawks by 130-114 to follow the wake in East Milwaukee Bucks.The current champions barely had problems in a game that they almost always controlled thanks to their offensive power led by Ibaka, infallible in the shot of two (7/7) and that was the best despite leaving from the bench, and for the 24 points also from Cameroonian Pascal Siakam.In addition, four other players in the Canadian franchise signed ten or more points, including Marc Gasol, although the Catalan center had to retire in the third quarter and could face a period of low on the courts. Before that he had left 10 points to his credit.On the other hand, Phoenix Suns, Ricky Rubio’s team, also took a clear victory by 104-133 in the visit to the Dallas Mavericks field, where Slovenian Luka Doncic was too alone (21 points and 6 rebounds).The base of El Masnou, meanwhile, also did not shine in excess with six points and only five pitches attempted, although he distributed seven assists and captured six rebounds for a team where Devin Booker and DeAndre Ayton combined to sign 63 points (32 and 31 respectively).As for the Hernangómez brothers, the good news was played by the eldest, Willy, who signed a good game in the tight victory of Charlotte Hornets 97-92 against New York Knicks. The Madrid pivot enjoyed almost 20 minutes where he contributed a valuable ‘double-double’ with 12 points and 10 rebounds.Things were no better for Juancho with Denver Nuggets. The power forward was able to play 17 minutes, but he was the only one of the Spaniards who did not achieve victory on the day by falling on the field of Memphis Grizzlies 104-96, with five points and three rebounds from Madrid.last_img read more

Fridge or pantry: Guide to know where to store each food of the purchase

first_imgImage: iStock Bananas: Although bananas can be kept correctly in the pantry, you have to think that if they are stored there, they continue to ripen. A good option for them to stay longer is that, once they are ready to eat, they are placed in the fridge. It does not matter if the shells darken, since the interior will remain ideal for eating.Butter with salt: Keep in mind that depending on whether the butter has salt or not, it can be stored in one place or another. The salt causes the bacteria to move away from a food, therefore it is correct to place it in the pantry, however this can only be done if it is in an airtight container and for a maximum of 2 weeks.Jam: Jams, like jellies, should be stored in the refrigerator once opened. This is done to prevent any bacteria from developing inside.Red wine: Once opened, the best way to properly maintain red wine is if it is stored in the refrigerator and with the cap on. By doing this, the cold is slowed down the oxidation process.Flour Tortillas: Flour tortillas are widely used to make Mexican recipes. Once opened, they last approximately one week if we put them in our pantry. However, if they are stored in the refrigerator, the time is longer.Fresh herbs: Storing fresh herbs correctly depends on what weed we are talking about. Basil, for example, can be stored in the pantry without problem. But if we talk about rosemary or thyme, we have to wash them, wrap them in paper and then in plastic to place them and keep them properly in the fridge.Peanut Butter: This type of cream can be stored without problems in the pantry in general, but this changes if we talk about a natural or organic recipe. The oils of organic butters tend to separate at normal temperature and therefore must be kept in the refrigerator and thus prevent their taste from being altered. Discover where the most common foods should be storedStore food so they don’t lose their propertiescenter_img Although in each house tastes and typical recipes may vary, there are some foods that can not be missing in them. Milk, butter or jam, are just a few examples of most used foods and therefore the most common in all homes. However, depending on what we are in, the way to store them may be different.Saving food is very important and not everyone is aware of how it should be done. Depending on where we store one food or another, its durability will be different and the properties will be maintained in a better way. Knowing how to store different foods can be complicated because each has its own characteristics, but so you can start doing it, we show you how to store some of them:Quick guide to know where to store some foodMustard: Mustard sauce is one of the most popular dressings. Although it can be stored in the pantry, if it is stored in the refrigerator there is a lower risk that its flavor will be lost, in addition to lasting longer.last_img read more

Barça has a strategic advantage over Madrid by Lautaro

first_imgLaLiga Santander* Data updated as of February 14, 2020 The problem is that as they say in Argentina, Real Madrid could interfere and try to convince the player to go to play in the Spanish capital, also after payment of its termination clause. “Removing Mbappé, he is the player that everyone wants”, has recently explained to ACE the albiceleste coach, Lionel Scaloni. However, although the team of Zinedine Zidane I would like to, I would have a problem to make space, since the player is extra-community and only three can be registered (Lautaro arrived in Europe in July 2018 and has no family history that could expedite the procedures of dual citizenship). Right now, Vinicius, Rodrygo and Militao do not have a European passport and if that were not enough, the medium-term plan is for Reinier to enter the plans of the first template. At this time there is already one left, although for now the 18-year-old will begin to form in the Castile. 10 And it is that in Barcelona there are only two players who occupy a foreign place: Arthur Melo and Arturo Vidal. In the case of the second, in addition, it is expected to enter into an operation for the future, since precisely Inter Milan has asked about the Chilean during the last months. Another trick they could play to try to make the operation cheaper. Anyway, Barça would have a place for him and the forward would be quite clear that it would not be difficult to become the Barca striker of the new decade knowing that Suarez is already 33 years old.Meanwhile, knowing that the future of the Argentine seems to be far from Italy, Inter Milan has already started to find a substitute for guarantees and that seems to be the Arsenal’s Gabonese attacker, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. LaLiga Santander* Data updated as of February 14, 2020 In this sense, it is difficult to imagine a sale of any of the four Brazilians, since none of them are over 22 years old, being the theoretical stars of the future of the white team. All this without counting Takefusa Kubo, now ceded in Mallorca, since the Japanese also occupies an extra-community place. An assignment of any of them would not be more than a patch until one of them could obtain dual citizenship (the first to be able to obtain it would be Vinicius). A problem that makes Barca start with a strategic advantage when it comes to addressing the signing. Barcelona has been considering paying the termination clause of Lautaro Martínez for months. During the month of July, the price of the Argentine would be set at 111 million euros, and is one of the most coveted strikers on the international scene. He is 22 years old and so far this year has scored 16 goals and has given 4 assists in 28 games, leaving very good feelings in the Champions League against the Barca team. That’s why Barça already thinks of him as the number one replacement for Luis Suárez, who will gradually start dosing once he recovers from his injury.last_img read more

Jordi Alba, injured two weeks from Naples and the Classic

first_imgQuique Setién begins to suffer in his own flesh having agreed to work with such a short staff of 18 players, two of them also long-term injured, Luis Suárez and Dembélé, so in the end he only has 16 troops within reach. That means that any setback in the form of an injury is practically a drama, since it hardly has any cash to complete a call with first team players. The injury this Saturday by Jordi Alba aggravates the situation, since today Setién only has 15 players available in the first team. The international was accidentally injured in the 17th minute when he was running to clear a ball, quickly touching the right leg abductor. It was the player himself who realized the extent of the injury, claiming the bench the change and even rushing Junior, his replacement, to accelerate the warming in the band.In the absence of definitive tests, the first feelings in the locker room were not very positive, so they point to a possible range injury that could leave you between two and three weeks out At least one of the playing fields, it should be remembered that on the 25th of this month Barça plays the first leg of the round of 16 against Naples and on March 1, the Classic at the Bernabéu.In any case, very bad luck for Jordi Alba that this season seems paid to injuries, since it is the third of the course. And also comes at the worst time if possible because the Champions League is already around the corner.last_img read more

The League is indigestible to Athletic

first_imgIdyll with the Cup, antipathy with the League, where he has not won since December 1. Nine games go now! Athletic goes one way and the two rails will never end up meeting. What in the KO tournament is enthusiasm and confetti, in that of regularity is heartburn, indigestion. It is true that Muniain, the revitalizer, and Dani García, the most tactical of the lions that have played everything and for something will be missing, but after Wednesday’s feasts in San Mamés no one deserved much more than one to zero. And it was for Osasuna, who gave no respite, denied the rival more than one touch, although he already came from home with problems of creation. The recipe Arrasate was known: make a pasty match, like Getafe and Granada in the second part, to cut the rojiblanco motor cables.A hand of Unai García could be key in the 53rd minute, in a local center. Natural position? Whatever it is, Athletic had more fang, but did not throw in the door until minute 79, a warm header from Williams. Osasuna’s wasted time prevailed, his intention to make the game cumbersome. Vesga put it very well in 93 ‘and the eternal Aduriz combed it, but the pole denied him the nth miracle.Arrasate knew that he had to stir the bill so that Athletic did not have his usual buccaneer harassment from the beginning of the game. And he did putting Roncaglia a few minutes in individual defense over Williams. A simple threat, a false track, but that left myopic at the center of the local field. Then Arrasate put the image and likeness of the lions five behind, a system that settled Granada in the Cup on Wednesday and that still stunned the Garitano group.The team was out of control, nervous and unstable. They did not have a clean exit and that is not that Osasuna was a pressure first. With such a panorama, Victor had a premiere as a complicated player, the panorama did not help him in his first task in the league of stars and initially paid a heavy toll. An error of his caused the fault that resulted in the 0-1. A free kick that extended Unai García, Brasanac finished, stopped Simón and in the rebound crushed Oier while two centrals like Yeray and Núñez were in evidence passing by at the time of stopping him.Osasuna was relieved after a professional exercise, without more. Athletic already understood that if I was going to get something it would be for the brave. The engine could be activated by any spark. For example, a furious pressure on Herrera de Raúl García, who pilots an Vietnamese ambush in ambush every afternoon, and hit the ball cleared by the goalkeeper in the butt of the ram to touch the goal. Herrera is one of those goals that end up affecting the guild with the topic that those who put on the gloves are somewhat locuelos types. Little did the sufflé to the lions. Victor still had time to get a great foul that touched the barrier and hit the crossbar.You cannot deny courage to Garitano: He kept the boy Victor with yellow and took out another promise, Sancet, from medipunta. Then Aduriz appeared for his alter ego, Raul Garcia. And Ibai figured inside, with Vesga pivot and the santutxuarra on his right, to have Sancet as a midfielder. The final harassment did not give positive news for Bilbao, despite the opportunities of Williams, Aduriz and a cape that made Herrera a great stop. The League torments this drunk Athletic Cup. Garitano: “We have put everything to win “Athletic coach Gaizka Garitano regretted that Osasuna took the three points of San Mamés despite enjoying two woods and two very clear chances against Herrera: “We have put everything to win,” he threw. A defeat that “hurts”, but better not to win than “Jagoba and Osasuna”.Garitano does not hide his “concern” after accumulating nine days without knowing the victory: “Of course, the progress of the Cup conditions LaLiga, although it is no excuse,” Mr. Rojiblanco slips, revealing that Villalibre requested the change to rest for “a contracture in the back, could not continue.” A game that cost “link” plays, but insists that Athletic manufactured more than enough “to score and we have not done.”He highlighted the debutante Unai Vencedor who supplied 6 to Dani García: “We didn’t have Unai López or Muniain and we needed play against so many physical players and he has done very well.” He did not want to enter into arbitration decisions such as the hand inside the Osasuna area or the goal annulled against Williams.Snatch: “We weren’t coming at the best time”Osasuna’s coach, Vizcaino Jagoba Arrasate, confessed his “great joy” by the three points added in San Mamés against Athletic in a match in which they achieved “the best victory and the best moment” after the bad streak of the last weeks. “We did not come at the best time and win in such a complicated context and in a derby it gives us a lot, beyond the classification. It is a great joy for us and for the fans, and a relief. Seeing us with 31 points makes us want to continue working. We are well on our way to permanence “, stressed.About the match, Arrasate said they tried to make “like a mirror” of the three central system used by Athletic. “The plan has developed quite well and in the first time, without being colorful, we have been more comfortable than them. We have defended better than other times, although in the end we suffered a lot “, assumed. He also highlighted the work of Captain Oier Sanjurjo, author of the visiting goal and who reappeared in San Mamés after several weeks of injury injury. “He is our captain and our lung. He has played an incredible game. We didn’t have his profile on the team and today we have seen that we needed him, “he concluded. ChangesOhian Tirapu (45 ‘, Villalibre), Aduriz (67 ‘, Raúl García), Ibai Gomez (73 ‘, Unai Victor), Roberto Torres (76 ‘, Adrian), David Garcia (87 ‘, Nacho Vidal), Fran Mérida (90 ‘, Oier)center_img CardsReferee: Pablo González FuertesVAR Referee: Alfonso Javier Álvarez IzquierdoUnai Winner (26 ‘, Yellow) Saint Joseph (29 ‘, Yellow) Roncaglia (37 ‘, Yellow) Oier (38 ‘, Yellow) Enric Gallego (47 ‘, Yellow) Brasanac (54 ‘, Yellow) Íñigo Martínez (76 ‘, Yellow) Aduriz (79 ‘, Yellowlast_img read more

Roger Martí grows in Orriols

first_imgIn their records they look three doublets in the Ciutat, versus Villarreal, Valencia Y Celtic. The ram is noted in the debis. Last year, without going any further, he repeated with two goals against the che in Orriols. The challenge is present this day, with the possibility of being released in Mestalla and follow his streak. Majorca, Leganés Y Pomegranate They have also succumbed to the success of the Valencian striker in the Levantine stadium. The gunman’ It is fine in its preserve. On the other hand, its eleven goals account for more than 30% of the team’s goals; specifically, 34%. Being a capital piece in the plans of Paco López despite starting the season from the bench. His work was rewarded and ended up knocking down the door of ownership based on goals. Now it is indisputable in attack, either next to Borja Mayoral or José Luis Morales.For now, is already two goals to overcome his best brand in the First Division (the 13 goals of last year) and four to match Morales as the top scorer of Levante in the highest category of Spanish football. At 29, Roger is at his best. Roger Martí It grows in Orriols. The striker of I raised, who fights to be the top national scorer along with Gerard Moreno Y Lucas Pérez, has scored nine of his eleven goals in the Ciutat de València. It’s not by chance. The one of Torrent grows in the feud granota, his house. Only in the Wanda Metropolitano and in Bumper, Roger has roared with his goals at home. Madrid as a common denominator. The rest of his locker has added him as a local.last_img read more

The list of duties of the Barça squad during the coronavirus crisis

first_imgThe duration can not exceed one hour in any case and must be alternated with strength training. In principle, three days a week it is recommended to practice a fartlek circuit and two more a session in the gym with dumbbells. The other two days of the week, they will be rest and rest.With fartlek workouts, you basically look for three things for the duration of the confinement period: maintaining aerobic capacity, managing your breathing at fast paces, and getting used to changes of pace.This will be the work plan of the players, who also have to monitor the diet in a very special way, following the advice of nutritionists, with the intake of special shakes before work sessions, to reduce muscle fatigue and injuries, in addition to having a diet based on carbohydrates and proteins.In the case of injured players, they will continue with their recovery plan, although it will be somewhat conditioned, as they will have to follow the guidelines from home and under the supervision of a recuperator. The FC Barcelona players left the Ciutat Esportiva on Friday with a detailed work plan under their arms drawn up by the physical trainers. The priority objective is that footballers do not lose physical conditioning, bearing in mind that they will spend no less than fifteen days outside the club’s sports facilities.In this work plan there are two basic sections that footballers will have to strictly follow. On the one hand, strength exercises, basically with dumbbells or gym equipment -Most soccer players are lucky to have a small gym at home to exercise- and on the other, the physical circuits. The one recommended in this case by the club is known as the fartlek circuit.The fartlek circuit (speed game in Swedish) consists of training that takes advantage of changes in pace and repetitive series. With the changes in rhythm, the body and mind are sought to adapt to recovery and effort, while with the series, the objective is to seek speed and performance.To do a fartlek training you only need an open space of a minimum size. In the work plan given to the soccer players it is detailed that they can carry it out even in the garden of their houses, so they do not even need to leave the residence. They will start with a five-minute warm-up, circling the circuit at a moderate pace. Subsequently, they will work using different combinations of speeds (by time or distance) with a duration between fifteen to thirty minutes. And finally, one more lap of calm at a slow pace of five minutes.last_img read more

‘Operation Camavinga’: Rennes sends a notice to Real Madrid

first_imgRennes builds a wall in front of Camavinga. The FFF’s decision to end the season and use the point ratio to determine the final ranking in France made it possible for the Breton club finish third and play the preview of the next Champions League, an obstacle for Madrid, who wants him in his project if Pogba does not come. The dispute over that European tie is a stimulus for the club’s owners, the billionaires Pinault, to avoid the flight of their best players. That intention to retain its stars has hinted Nicolas Holveck, new president of Rennes. “The priority will be to keep our team, which has shown all its talent in this fantastic season. We will have to be smart in the transfer market to improve the team and form the best team possible in order to pass this qualification round. ”, He said L’Equipe Chaine and in the middle France Blue.Holveck verbalizes the message the Pinault clan wants to send to Europe in general, and Madrid in particular, after several weeks in which his star, Camavinga, is being tempted to leave the club. The new president does not leave the sheet marked by the owners of the Rennes, who are not trembling. In February they kicked out the previous president, Olivier Létang, because he negotiated with Madrid for the midfielder behind the back of the shareholders’ meeting. Camavinga could come out in the summer for 50 million, as reported AS. It is one of the objectives of Zidane, who sees in him the possibility of repeating an operation like the one he did with Varane, who signed for Madrid for 10 million, coming from Lens, when he was only 18 years old. Camavinga is 17, but there are some obstacles along the way. He has a contract until 2022 and has no release clause. Rennes’ economic muscle and the qualification for the Champions League preview make it even more difficult to sign a player who has been the sensation of Ligue 1. With a great projection and physical and technical power, he was the earliest player to win the player of the month award in Ligue 1 and the youngest to score with the Rennes jersey. Further, It has been uncovered as a medium that chooses quickly and well (it has an extraordinary positioning and oriented control). Values ​​that have led to eleven French league ideal for France Football. Rennes is pushing for Camavinga to continue for at least one more season and marks territory after being third in Ligue 1. Its splendid economic situation benefits it in the market pulse since it does not need to make cash. It is to keep your jewel or, in the case of transferring it, to do it for a high amount, something that the coronavirus crisis makes improbable. Madrid, meanwhile, remain expectant. He wants a Pogba for his midfield. And if he can not tie the world champion, the Angolan and Fabián Ruiz, from Naples, would be the targets.last_img read more

Australia plans to hold the Open only with local audiences

first_imgThe Australian Open is significantly contemplating celebrating its 2021 version only with local audiences. This was warned by match director Craig Tiley, who handles up to 4 totally different situations relying on how the COVID-19 pandemic evolves. “One of the best we now have proper now’s an AO (Australian Open) cwith gamers who can get right here with quarantine methods and only Australian followers. “ says the supervisor of Tennis Australia. “The worst case state of affairs is that there isn’t any AO”, thinks Tiley, who didn’t clarify the different two potential: “There are 4 situations and we now have deliberate the whole lot. We’ve deliberate the instances we now have to make choices, the dates we now have to make choices, who it impacts and the way it will have an effect on them ““Now we’re engaged on the worldwide group of gamers and making them perceive what every of these situations are, what they imply to them and the way we are able to act, “concludes the Australian Open president.last_img read more