Awards given for annual achievements in winemaking

first_imgThe Croatian wine scene is rich, propulsive and lively. The number of wine labels on store shelves is constantly growing, the number of wineries and wine retailers as well, wine lists in restaurants often offer a serious cross-section of domestic and world offer, tastings and promotions are constantly held, several schools and courses for wine education are active. ascent.Such a good trend is primarily due to the individuals behind the launch of all these activities, and then wineries, associations, publishers, scientists and many entrepreneurs from all spheres of the economy from trade to production. This year, Römerquelle and Vinart have established an annual achievement award where the title of meritorious will be awarded. After the launch of the project, a polling board was established consisting of an equal ratio of renowned wine and gastronomic journalists, and sommelier of the most prominent Croatian restaurants who, as representatives of the wine market, assessed which individuals whose successes contributed to the development and affirmation of good wines.Therefore, on Thursday 9.11. at the Sheraton Hotel awarded the title of Meritorious to selected individuals and companies for their contribution to the development of wine culture, initiating trends, preserving wine tradition, affirming moderation of consumption, promoting wine science, promoting wine quality, and other works for the Croatian wine scene.Römerquelle Winery of the Year is Benvenuti Winery, and Römerquelle Person of the Year is Tomislav TomacA winemaker who built a completely new perception of Pošip as a variety and crucially influenced the modernization of Dalmatian white wines, Luka Krajančić, was awarded as the winery of the year in Dalmatia. Continuous excellence in Malvasia, Teran and Muscat production, confirmed by two IWC trophies and Decanter platinum, has brought the winery Welcome, in addition to the award for winery of the year in Istria, the award Römerquelle winery of the year. Highest recognition, award for Römerquelle Person of the Year he won Tomislav Tomac, most responsible for the progress and profiling of Plešivica as our “champagne wine region”, the originator of the trend of “orange” wines from amphorae, and the winemaker whose sparkling wine Amphora was included in Decanter’s list 75 Stellar Buys last year.The awards were presented in eight categories, four of which relate to the achievements of traders, four to the achievements of wineries, and Römerquelle Winery of the Year and Römerquelle Person of the Year were also selected. The company’s webshop of the year was named Live fine wines, a wine shop was chosen as the wine shop of the year Bornstein, the supermarket of the year is Vrutak, and the title of wholesaler of the year was won by the company Miva & Mohor. The achievements of the wineries were rewarded according to the regional division, so the winery of the year of Slavonia and the Danube region was chosen. Jasna Antunović Turk, whose Graševina Premium in 2013 received a platinum medal at this year’s Decanter, the world’s largest wine evaluation. Winery Tomac, whose sparkling wine Amfora was included in the list of 75 most important wines in the world last year, is the winery of the year in the Bregovita Hrvatska region.The organizer and initiator of the project of awarding the most deserving legal and natural persons in Croatian winemaking is the company Vinart, which organizes festivals and workshops, publishes wine publications and designs campaigns. “Everything we do aims to improve the culture of wine, so we launched this project so that the most deserving of it were rewarded and permanently recorded.” said the director of Vinart, Saša Špiranec, and added that Vinart’s annual achievements will continue to monitor the development of the Croatian wine scene in the coming years and once a year direct the spotlight to the most deserving.


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