POLICE LOG for September 30 Evidence Of Crash On Salem Street Vehicle Egged

first_imgWILMINGTON, MA — Here are highlights from the Wilmington Police Log for Sunday, September 30, 2018:Police reported extensive damage to guardrail on Salem Street, near North Intermediate. It appeared a tow truck pulled a car out of the woods. Police notified DPW to replace guardrail. (2:26am)A car was egged on Burlington Avenue. (3:07am)A Chestnut Street caller reported property belonging to a neighbor was in his yard. Caller has surveillance footage of someone putting it there. Police returned items to the owner. (9:05am)Railroad crossing arms at Main Street and Middlesex Avenue were halfway down despite no train in the past 15 minutes. Police notified Keolis, who resolved the problem. (8:05pm)(DISCLAIMER: This information is public information.  An arrest does not constitute a conviction.  Any arrested person is innocent until proven guilty.)Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email wilmingtonapple@gmail.com.Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedPOLICE LOG for August 31: Woburn Man Arrested For OUI; Bad Highway Crash Required MedflightIn “Police Log”POLICE LOG for September 4: Police Help Make Bus Stop Safer; Hit & Run at Cumberland Farms; Garbage Truck Takes Down WiresIn “Police Log”POLICE LOG for September 5: Train Conductor Helps Locate Missing Puppy; Rented Trucks Not Returned To UHaulIn “Police Log”last_img read more

Special paving for the visionimpaired people

first_imgFootpaths in Dhaka are being adjusted for the visually impaired people. Karwan Bazar, Dhaka, 11 January. Photo: Abdus SalamSome of the newly laid footpaths in Dhaka city have special yellow and red tiles. These are to facilitate visually impaired persons.The yellow tiles are set along the centre with the red ones on either side. The yellow ones have four vertical raised lines as warnings and the red tiles have block patterns. This works as a code while walking. At the end of the footpath, the yellow tiles have a pattern of 6×6 dots, indicating a change ahead.Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) has already finished laying up the tiles in Gulistan, Bailey Road, and New Market areas while Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) has finished with the Karwan Bazar, Bangla Motor, Green Road, Gulshan and Banani areas.Several visually impaired pedestrians were happy with this initiative enterprise, though several complained about obstacles and insufficient indicators.Md. Jahangir Alam, co-ordinator of Centre for Disability in Development (CDD) Bangladesh said, “We had been asking for such footpaths for the visually impaired,” adding, “There are some problems though. At places there the raised lines are on the red tiles though they should be on the yellow ones. Then in some places there are trees and electric poles on the pavements without any indication. I faced problem on a footpath in Gulshan.”Being visually impaired himself, Jahangir shared his concerns over this lack of signs. He stressed the need for an extensive campaign to let the visually impaired know about the special pavements.Neither visually impaired persons nor common pedestrians are fully aware about these special footpaths yet.This reporter found the Green Road footpath, a straight route from Panthapath to Farmgate, has been paved with yellow tiles with dot patterns (a signal to stop) instead of raised bars (the signal to go).Moreover, there are various obstacles including the foot over bridge stairs, telephone poles, metal barriers for reckless motorcycle drivers, shops and bus stop shelters.Khan Mohammad Billal, chief executive officer of DSCC, said, “We are looking into these problems. We have to consult organisations working with the visually impaired.”*This report has been rewritten in English by Nusrat Nowrin.last_img read more

Study reveals how nanochannels select potassium ions

first_img(Phys.org)—One of the mysteries in biology is how cells can selectively diffuse potassium across a membrane. Biological systems rely on a delicate balance between these potassium and sodium ion concentrations in the surrounding environment and within the cell. Researchers, such as Dr. Bing Gong and his research group in SUNY Buffalo, have tried to solve this riddle by making synthetic ion channels that are selective for potassium. Journal information: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences The second area they investigated was the dynamic properties of the ion channels. In particular, Li, et al. looked at the lifetime of the ion-water bonds to determine the stability of the first hydration shell. They found that in bulk water and in all sizes of CNTs, the average lifetime of the Na+-water bonds were longer, and therefore more stable, than the K+-water bonds. Additionally, they found that confining any of the hydrated ions to a subnanometer-sized channel served to stabilize the bonds compared to bulk water. Diffusion studies also showed that confinement to a CNT increased the diffusion rate compared to bulk water. Notably, diffusion through SONP was hindered compared to the CNTs because of its rugged interior surface.The third area of investigation was in energetics. This is the key area that drives ionic selection. In general, because the sodium ion’s first hydration shell is particularly robust compared to the potassium ion’ shell, it would require more work to move the sodium ion from bulk water to the ion channel. Therefore, nanochannels with radii between 3.0 and 4.0 Å will selectively favor potassium. Of the particular systems tested, (8, 8) CNT with a radius of 3.7 Å, had the highest selectivity value for potassium ions.This research helps solve some of the mystery behind potassium ion selectivity in biological systems. It also provides evidence that (8, 8) CNTs are the best synthetic nanochannels for investigating potassium ion selectivity. Play AIMD simulation of confined water and a K+ ion in CNT (8, 8). Credit: (c) PNAS, doi: 10.1073/pnas.1513718112 To investigate this, they used two systems: a synthetic organic nanopore, which is comprised of macrocycles that form a rigid hydrophobic pore, and various single-walled carbon nanotubes. Macrocycles are large ring structures whose donor atoms will coordinate to ions. Often macrocycles are selective for particular ions. However, because of the dangling donor atoms, the interior of the channel is molecularly rugged. This may affect the flow of water through the channel. They used carbon nanotubes were as a comparison because they can vary the opening size of the nanotube and the interior of the nanotube is relatively smooth and hydrophobic, matching certain properties of biological ion channels.Li, et al. investigated three broad areas using ab initio molecular dynamics studies. They first investigated the hydration shell. Sodium and potassium ions attract the oxygen atom in water molecules. The water molecules surround the ions forming a “hydration shell.” The radius of the hydration shell, the number of waters molecules coordinated to the ion, and the orientation of the water molecules around the ion all provide molecular level information that may give clues as to how the ion channels can distinguish between two similar ions. Their studies showed that the sodium ion hydration shell is more structured and robust than the potassium hydration shell. Citation: Study reveals how nanochannels select potassium ions (2015, August 25) retrieved 18 August 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2015-08-reveals-nanochannels-potassium-ions.html PausePlay% buffered00:0000:00UnmuteMuteDisable captionsEnable captionsSettingsCaptionsDisabledQuality0SpeedNormalCaptionsGo back to previous menuQualityGo back to previous menuSpeedGo back to previous menu0.5×0.75×Normal1.25×1.5×1.75×2×Exit fullscreenEnter fullscreen Explore furthercenter_img More information: “Unraveling the mechanism of selective ion transport in hydrophobic subnanometer channels” PNAS, DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1513718112AbstractRecently reported synthetic organic nanopore (SONP) can mimic a key feature of natural ion channels, i.e., selective ion transport. However, the physical mechanism underlying the K+/Na+ selectivity for the SONPs is dramatically different from that of natural ion channels. To achieve a better understanding of the selective ion transport in hydrophobic subnanometer channels in general and SONPs in particular, we perform a series of ab initio molecular dynamics simulations to investigate the diffusivity of aqua Na+ and K+ ions in two prototype hydrophobic nanochannels: (i) an SONP with radius of 3.2 Å, and (ii) single-walled carbon nanotubes (CNTs) with radii of 3–5 Å (these radii are comparable to those of the biological potassium K+ channels). We find that the hydration shell of aqua Na+ ion is smaller than that of aqua K+ ion but notably more structured and less yielding. The aqua ions do not lower the diffusivity of water molecules in CNTs, but in SONP the diffusivity of aqua ions (Na+ in particular) is strongly suppressed due to the rugged inner surface. Moreover, the aqua Na+ ion requires higher formation energy than aqua K+ ion in the hydrophobic nanochannels. As such, we find that the ion (K+ vs. Na+) selectivity of the (8, 8) CNT is ∼20× higher than that of SONP. Hence, the (8, 8) CNT is likely the most efficient artificial K+ channel due in part to its special interior environment in which Na+ can be fully solvated, whereas K+ cannot. This work provides deeper insights into the physical chemistry behind selective ion transport in nanochannels. Studying dynamics of ion channels © 2015 Phys.org To that end, Hui Li, Joseph S. Francisco, and Xiao Cheng Zeng from Chinese Academy of Sciences and from the University of Nebraska in Lincoln have elucidated some of the mystery behind ion selectivity using molecular modeling of these synthetic ion channels made of rigid macrocycles as well as channels made of carbon nanotubes. They used ab initio molecular dynamics simulations to investigate solvation structures, energetics, and dynamic properties of aqua Na+ and K+ in synthetic organic nanopores (SONP) and various sizes of single-walled carbon nanotubes (CNTs). Their work is published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.Prior simulation studies with synthetic ion channels have focused predominantly on Lennard-Jones potentials and Columbic effects. This is a reasonable area to investigate since researchers are trying to discern ion selectivity. These investigations pointed to the channel radius as the predominant factor for potassium selectivity. However, Li, et al. wanted to look at computations at the quantum-mechanical level to better understand water molecule interactions within a confined environment. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

Fly Nonstop to Xiamen ex YVR with Xiamen Airlines

first_imgTags: Videos, Xiamen Air Travelweek Group Tuesday, November 6, 2018 TORONTO — In this new video, learn more about Xiamen Airlines’ new nonstop flights from Vancouver International Airport to Xiamen, China.Established in 1984 and headquartered in Xiamen, a coastal city in Fujian in Southeast China, Xiamen Airlines is China’s first airline company operating under the modern enterprise system.Through 34 years of steady development, Xiamen Airlines is praised by President Xi Jinping as “an epitome of China’s civil aviation development” and has become one of the most distinctive airline companies in China’s civil aviation industry.It operates a fleet of 163 aircraft as of early 2018, which is also among the youngest fleets in the world. Xiamen’s network of nearly 400 domestic and international routes covers China, Southeast and Northeast Asia, and reaches Europe, North America and Oceania. Taking advantage of its SkyTeam membership, it has extended its reach to 1,074 destinations in 177 countries.To book your flight, visit https://www.xiamenair.com/. Sharecenter_img Fly Nonstop to Xiamen ex YVR with Xiamen Airlines << Previous PostNext Post >> Posted bylast_img read more

The 5 Highest Paying Marketing Jobs for MBAs

first_imgThe 5 Highest Paying Marketing Jobs for MBAs As a Senior Marketing Manager, you’re in a middle-management position. Typically, you report to the Marketing Director and are responsible for researching target markets, providing feedback on product development, running product teams, planning display marketing, and working with various other teams to develop marketing objectives and goals. Common tasks include:Managing training and development of marketing staff.Managing and analyzing marketing programs for optimized results.Developing, recommending, and implementing marketing programs and campaigns.On average, you can expect to earn $111,476. To earn the most, you’ll want to look at jobs at:Microsoft: $138,598Medtronic, Inc: $128,104Amazon.com: $126,774 Marketing Director ($66,000 – $158,000) Senior Marketing Manager ($73,000 – $147,000) Last Updated Apr 26, 2018 by Kelly VoFacebookTwitterLinkedinemail As a Vice President of Marketing, you will offten be responsible for reporting your company’s marketing efforts to the board of directors or other highly-placed executives. Your main responsibility will be to determine the best strategies to improve your market-shares for goods and services sold. You’ll also be responsible for your company’s brand, including presenting the company’s assets and products. Common tasks include:Forecasting and strategic planning.Directing and setting the strategic direction of the marketing program.Overseeing all marketing staff operations, policies, and plans.For MBA graduates, becoming a VP of Marketing is the highest paying position you can attain. On average, you’ll earn $143,571 plus a bonus between $4,939 and $49,935. As for where you’ll get paid the most, look for jobs in:San Francisco: 21 percent moreCharlotte: 11 percent moreBoston: 10 percent more About the AuthorKelly Vo    Kelly Vo is a writer who specializes in covering MBA programs, digital marketing, and personal development.View more posts by Kelly Vo Vice President Marketing ($100,000 – $186,000) regions: Atlanta / Baltimore / Boston / Chicago / Dallas / Denver / Houston / London / Los Angeles / Miami / New York City / Online / Philadelphia / Research Triangle / San Diego / San Francisco / Seattle / Toronto / Washington, DC The Top MBA Marketing JobsThere are dozens of different marketing positions that an MBA graduate can choose. If you’re looking to choose the highest paying marketing job, then you’ll want to choose one of the following five jobs. These are the top salaried positions for marketing MBAs (just be sure to keep in mind the company, location, and your experience if you want to earn the most money). As a Brand Manager, you’ll be responsible for many of the customer-facing operations in the marketing department. Your job will be to control and manage all the ways that the company is exposed to the public including consumer attitudes, staff communication, and more. Common tasks include:Leading the brand strategy.Researching customer attitudes and developing plans and projects to support positive experiences.Leading consumer communication in each marketplace.On average, a Brand Manager earns $102,309 as an MBA graduate with a yearly bonus between $795 and $19,644. To earn the most money, you’ll want to work in:San Francisco: 41 percent moreSeattle: 36 percent moreChicago: 16 percent more Product Marketing Manager ($60,000 – $130,000) RelatedTop 5 Paying MBA Careers: MarketingMBA graduates in marketing can experience exponential career growth. According to Payscale, graduates in marketing often earn a starting salary of $55,700, which may double to $116,000 by mid-career. As the job is links to sales success, bonuses can also be lucrative. Those who relish the thrill to sell might…July 25, 2019In “Boston”The Big Payback: The Highest Paying Jobs for MBAsEven in 2019, the search for the right MBA program is as unique as each student, and the reasons for applying are as varied as the programs themselves. Advancement in an existing career is an obvious motivation, as is breaking into a new industry or shifting one’s career focus. One…January 2, 2019In “Advice”Hot MBA Jobs: Marketing ManagerIf there’s one career field that has grown by leaps and bounds and changed dramatically over the last few years, it’s marketing. In the era of Mad Men, marketing and advertising were only for the large companies that could afford to buy commercials, billboards and magazine placements. Now, marketing management is…October 19, 2016In “Advice” Marketing is one of the most popular career paths for an MBA—2.9 times as popular as other careers according to PayScale—and with good reason: about 69 percent of marketing MBAs report a high level of job satisfaction. Besides, marketing MBAs are paid well. While the starting median pay (with a max of five years of experience) is only $55,700, after ten years, pay jumps to $116,000—a 108 percent growth between starting and mid-career salary.The question then is, “What are the highest paying marketing jobs for MBAs?” The answer isn’t as cut and dry as you would think. It varies significantly between companies, level of experience, location, and job type.Companies Recruiting Marketing MBAsWhere you work can have as a profound of an impact on your pay as your actual job function. That’s because larger companies tend to pay higher salaries, and how a particular company views the marketing department can also influence how much they are willing to pay. Below are five of the highest paying marketing jobs, according to PayScale. Microsoft Corp: $95,146 – $152,605IBM Corp: $91,158 – $132,500Dell, Inc: $77,511 – $130,000Starbucks Corp: $115,436 – $121,097Amazon: $90,000 – $122,500ExperienceAccording to PayScale, experience plays a big role in how much you earn as a marketing professional. After graduating with an MBA in business and marketing, the average salary you can expect based on your years worked is:Less than one year: $54,721One to four years: $59,343Five to nine years: $81,097Ten to 19 years: $104,070Over 20 years: $124,631LocationWhere you work, can have a significant impact on what you’re worth. As always, large cities tend to pay more, but that’s still not always a guarantee. So, where are the most popular cities for marketing professionals and how much do they pay (average salary)?Seattle, WA: $119,266San Francisco, CA: $118,330Boston, MA: $104,217Dallas, TX: $100,237NYC, NY: $96,387 Brand Manager ($68,000 – $132,000) Marketing Directors are responsible for managing and directing all marketing tasks. You’ll oversee the many marketing professionals under your purview and ensure that they meet company goals, requirements, and needs. In addition, you’ll be responsible for developing marketing projects, running successful marketing campaigns, monitoring budgets, resolving team issues, and communicating with clients, vendors, and other team managers within your company. Common tasks include:Overseeing marketing staff, advertising budget, and business planning.Directing and planning marketing strategies.Acting as the marketing subject matter expert.On average, a Marketing Director with an MBA can expect to earn $106,684. However, that salary can greatly increase depending on the company you work for. The top companies are:Medtronic, Inc: $175,000Microsoft: $164,848IBM: $147,215 A Product Marketing Manager knows the company’s products inside and out. They are responsible for conducting research and determining a strategy for selling each product to generate the highest revenues. You’ll also be responsible for overseeing how each product is seen by the public from advertising to press releases and more. Common tasks include:Developing product marketing strategies to maximize revenue.Researching consumer opinions on products to aid performance.Collaborating with design to meet consumer expectations.On average, a Product Marketing Manager will earn $105,942, which is pretty consistent between companies. The best paying companies are:Google: $115,723Microsoft: $115,481AT&T: $112,020last_img read more