Vjeran Piršić, Eko Kvarner: The future of Croatian tourism lies in sustainable tourism where natural resources would be primarily respected, but also the natural possibilities of a certain environment

first_imgWhen asked how and where he sees the future of Croatian tourism, Piršić answers: “The future of Croatian tourism definitely lies in sustainable tourism, where natural resources would be primarily respected, but also the natural possibilities of a certain environment. But sustainable tourism alone is not enough. It is very important that we carry out the same tourism in a responsible way. That sustainable tourism does not work without responsible tourism can be best seen in the example of a Croatian eco-friendly resort that relied on renewable energy sources and environmental products in its business, but strictly forbade local events in its vicinity, which allowed tourists literally forced to spend within the resort”Says Pirsic.Piršić adds that he does not see the future in large resorts, but in changes in the current structure and change of roles in the tourism industry: “The ideal solution for sustainable and responsible tourism is private accommodation where tasteless apartments would turn into small hotels, renters become hosts and tourists guests. Through this type of accommodation, guests would be offered a bed and breakfast consisting of indigenous products, renewable energy sources would be used, and at the same time greater flexibility of hotel opening would be achieved throughout the year. “When asked if he thinks that Croatian tourism has the potential to offer its guests year-round facilities, Piršić answered with a dose of skepticism: “Private accommodation and small hotels are definitely the right way to expand the tourist season. However, a number of limiting factors should not be neglected, such as the climatic conditions in Kvarner, due to which our areas are abundant with rainfall from the beginning of November, then the beginning of the school year, which narrows the possibility of longer trips for many families. offer to guests”Concludes Piršić and adds that we are only 600 kilometers away from major centers such as Milan, Vienna and Munich, and sees weekend tourism as a realistic option on which to rest year-round tourism in our country.Source: Teklic.hr Encouraged by recent media reports, about the “cracking of tourism at the seams” in some tourist destinations, where mayors literally appeal to tourists to return in the fall or some other time of year due to congestion and large crowds, as well as their own experience where we are literally on the way to a resort stuck in a multi-hour, endless column of cars, and at the destination walking from terrace to terrace looking for a free chair, we decided to examine whether this kind of tourism has prospects for survival and what can be done in terms of long-term existence of Croatian tourism.Perhaps the answer to these questions lies in the following terms: responsible and sustainable tourism.A colleague from the Teklic.hr portal talked about this issue with a well-known Croatian ecologist, the president of the Eko Kvarner association, Vjeran Piršić, who points out large-scale tourism as a fundamental problem of Croatian tourism. “Today, large numbers of tourism are present in Croatia, which seems to be a likely path to ruin. There are two reasons for this – tourism in large numbers often leads to the devastation of destinations, and a picturesque example of this are Plitvice Lakes, where obviously all of us, due to congestion, this pearl turns from a national park into an ordinary park. The second reason is the “crowding” of tourist destinations, which in turn leads to a complete blockade of certain destinations at the peak of the season, as is the case in Dubrovnik burdened with cruising tourism or some smaller areas where the municipality of two thousand inhabitants the path to resource destruction, but also to demographic disruption, in the sense of facing a constant shortage of manpower”, Pirsic points out. Photo: Facebooklast_img read more

US allows emergency use of the drug remdesivir for COVID-19 treatment

first_imgUS regulators said Friday that they have authorized the emergency use of the experimental anti-viral drug remdesivir for treating coronavirus patients, saying that clinical trials have showed “promising results.””While there is limited information known about the safety and effectiveness of using remdesivir to treat people in the hospital with COVID-19, the investigational drug was shown in a clinical trial to shorten the time to recovery in some patients,” the US Food and Drug Administration said in a statement.The move, which will enable the drug to be used for those hospitalized with severe illness caused by the new coronavirus, is a “significant step” forward in battling the pandemic, Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar said in a statement. The company said it aims to produce at least 500,000 treatment courses by October, 1 million treatment courses by December and millions more in 2021, if required.Remdesivir was developed by US biopharmaceutical company Gilead Sciences as a possible treatment for Ebola, but it has not been licensed or approved anywhere globally.Clinical trials have been under way to confirm the effectiveness and safety of its use for coronavirus patients around the world, including Japan.The Japanese government is looking to fast-track its approval. The drug is expected to be available in Japan as early as this month, a government official said.Under the emergency use authorization, remdesivir will be distributed in the United States and administered intravenously by health care providers for patients with low blood oxygen levels as well as those needing oxygen therapy or more intensive breathing support such as a mechanical ventilator.More than 1 million people in the United States have been infected with the coronavirus, with the country’s death toll exceeding 64,000, according to a tally by Johns Hopkins University.Globally, there have been more than 3 million confirmed cases of COVID-19, the respiratory illness caused by the virus, and more than 230,000 deaths.Topics :last_img read more

The League is indigestible to Athletic

first_imgIdyll with the Cup, antipathy with the League, where he has not won since December 1. Nine games go now! Athletic goes one way and the two rails will never end up meeting. What in the KO tournament is enthusiasm and confetti, in that of regularity is heartburn, indigestion. It is true that Muniain, the revitalizer, and Dani García, the most tactical of the lions that have played everything and for something will be missing, but after Wednesday’s feasts in San Mamés no one deserved much more than one to zero. And it was for Osasuna, who gave no respite, denied the rival more than one touch, although he already came from home with problems of creation. The recipe Arrasate was known: make a pasty match, like Getafe and Granada in the second part, to cut the rojiblanco motor cables.A hand of Unai García could be key in the 53rd minute, in a local center. Natural position? Whatever it is, Athletic had more fang, but did not throw in the door until minute 79, a warm header from Williams. Osasuna’s wasted time prevailed, his intention to make the game cumbersome. Vesga put it very well in 93 ‘and the eternal Aduriz combed it, but the pole denied him the nth miracle.Arrasate knew that he had to stir the bill so that Athletic did not have his usual buccaneer harassment from the beginning of the game. And he did putting Roncaglia a few minutes in individual defense over Williams. A simple threat, a false track, but that left myopic at the center of the local field. Then Arrasate put the image and likeness of the lions five behind, a system that settled Granada in the Cup on Wednesday and that still stunned the Garitano group.The team was out of control, nervous and unstable. They did not have a clean exit and that is not that Osasuna was a pressure first. With such a panorama, Victor had a premiere as a complicated player, the panorama did not help him in his first task in the league of stars and initially paid a heavy toll. An error of his caused the fault that resulted in the 0-1. A free kick that extended Unai García, Brasanac finished, stopped Simón and in the rebound crushed Oier while two centrals like Yeray and Núñez were in evidence passing by at the time of stopping him.Osasuna was relieved after a professional exercise, without more. Athletic already understood that if I was going to get something it would be for the brave. The engine could be activated by any spark. For example, a furious pressure on Herrera de Raúl García, who pilots an Vietnamese ambush in ambush every afternoon, and hit the ball cleared by the goalkeeper in the butt of the ram to touch the goal. Herrera is one of those goals that end up affecting the guild with the topic that those who put on the gloves are somewhat locuelos types. Little did the sufflé to the lions. Victor still had time to get a great foul that touched the barrier and hit the crossbar.You cannot deny courage to Garitano: He kept the boy Victor with yellow and took out another promise, Sancet, from medipunta. Then Aduriz appeared for his alter ego, Raul Garcia. And Ibai figured inside, with Vesga pivot and the santutxuarra on his right, to have Sancet as a midfielder. The final harassment did not give positive news for Bilbao, despite the opportunities of Williams, Aduriz and a cape that made Herrera a great stop. The League torments this drunk Athletic Cup. Garitano: “We have put everything to win “Athletic coach Gaizka Garitano regretted that Osasuna took the three points of San Mamés despite enjoying two woods and two very clear chances against Herrera: “We have put everything to win,” he threw. A defeat that “hurts”, but better not to win than “Jagoba and Osasuna”.Garitano does not hide his “concern” after accumulating nine days without knowing the victory: “Of course, the progress of the Cup conditions LaLiga, although it is no excuse,” Mr. Rojiblanco slips, revealing that Villalibre requested the change to rest for “a contracture in the back, could not continue.” A game that cost “link” plays, but insists that Athletic manufactured more than enough “to score and we have not done.”He highlighted the debutante Unai Vencedor who supplied 6 to Dani García: “We didn’t have Unai López or Muniain and we needed play against so many physical players and he has done very well.” He did not want to enter into arbitration decisions such as the hand inside the Osasuna area or the goal annulled against Williams.Snatch: “We weren’t coming at the best time”Osasuna’s coach, Vizcaino Jagoba Arrasate, confessed his “great joy” by the three points added in San Mamés against Athletic in a match in which they achieved “the best victory and the best moment” after the bad streak of the last weeks. “We did not come at the best time and win in such a complicated context and in a derby it gives us a lot, beyond the classification. It is a great joy for us and for the fans, and a relief. Seeing us with 31 points makes us want to continue working. We are well on our way to permanence “, stressed.About the match, Arrasate said they tried to make “like a mirror” of the three central system used by Athletic. “The plan has developed quite well and in the first time, without being colorful, we have been more comfortable than them. We have defended better than other times, although in the end we suffered a lot “, assumed. He also highlighted the work of Captain Oier Sanjurjo, author of the visiting goal and who reappeared in San Mamés after several weeks of injury injury. “He is our captain and our lung. He has played an incredible game. We didn’t have his profile on the team and today we have seen that we needed him, “he concluded. ChangesOhian Tirapu (45 ‘, Villalibre), Aduriz (67 ‘, Raúl García), Ibai Gomez (73 ‘, Unai Victor), Roberto Torres (76 ‘, Adrian), David Garcia (87 ‘, Nacho Vidal), Fran Mérida (90 ‘, Oier)center_img CardsReferee: Pablo González FuertesVAR Referee: Alfonso Javier Álvarez IzquierdoUnai Winner (26 ‘, Yellow) Saint Joseph (29 ‘, Yellow) Roncaglia (37 ‘, Yellow) Oier (38 ‘, Yellow) Enric Gallego (47 ‘, Yellow) Brasanac (54 ‘, Yellow) Íñigo Martínez (76 ‘, Yellow) Aduriz (79 ‘, Yellowlast_img read more