Humans Evolved from Pigeons

first_imgExperiments with pigeons show that their intelligence matches or exceeds that of chimpanzees.  If evolutionists can infer that chimpanzees are our closest living relatives based on intelligence, why wouldn’t it be just as logical to infer that humans evolved from birds?  As some recent articles show, such a whimsical story does not exceed in silliness what some evolutionists actually do claim.Bird superbrain:  In Science this week (23 December 2011: Vol. 334 no. 6063 p. 1664, doi:10.1126/science.1213357), Damian Scarf, Harlene Hayne, and Michael Colombo demonstrated “Pigeons on Par with Primates in Numerical Competence.”  The abstract is short and to the point:Although many animals are able to discriminate stimuli differing in numerosity, only primates are thought to share our ability to employ abstract numerical rules. Here, we show that this ability is present in pigeons and that their performance is indistinguishable from that displayed by monkeys.How does an evolutionist explain this?  Joseph Castro on Live Science gave a demonstration of the storytelling flexibility available to Darwinists: “Finding the same level of numerical competence as the pigeons (and rhesus monkeys) in other species would help scientists understand if the ability evolved across species separately, or if a common ancestor shared the ability.”  A common ancestor of pigeons and primates might be some kind of early dinosaur.  Conveniently, those are not available for experimentation, although Tom Weller speculated they were pretty bright (see Science Made Stupid).Moon monolith:  Someone at The Guardian never quite got over 2001: A Space Odyssey.  According to PhysOrg, “Professor Paul Davis and research technician Robert Wagner … published a paper … that suggests we humans begin taking a little closer look at our own moon to see if any alien life forms might have left behind some evidence of their visit.”  The reporter did not reveal whether Davis and Wagner were wearing tin-foil pyramid hats or pasta strainers (7/14/2011), but tried to pre-empt laughter anyway: “Though some might see it as farfetched, or heaven forbid, lunacy, Davis and Wagner are convinced that it’s worth the small amount of investment such a search would entail.”  Their technique would be to borrow some design-detection techniques from Intelligent Design (although they would probably never admit it): “looking for anything that appears of unnatural origin,” e.g., “incontrovertible signatures of non-human technology.”  Maybe it would look like a large, black, rectangular block.Beautiful downtown Sedna:  If intelligent design is not found on the moon, that doesn’t falsify the hope of some.  PhysOrg also reported alien artifacts could be out in the Kuiper Belt.  It wouldn’t even require an expensive trip to those small, frozen outposts on the solar system’s frontier to find out. Yes; believe it or not, “We could see the light from their cities.”Horta culture:  Not to be outdone by Davis and Wagner in speculation, Max Bernstein was awarded good press on NASA’s Astrobiology Magazine for this story: “Why Silicon Aliens Would Rather Eat Our Cities Than Us.”  (News flash: no life based on silicon has ever been found except on Star Trek.)  There’s more science fiction than science in this short article, including a picture of a horta from an original Star Trek episode – a silicon-based creature that Spock had to mind-meld with to learn that its intentions, despite appearances, were really noble.  Here’s a taste of the scientific rigor in the interview (your tax dollars at work):If it could evolve past the protist [microorganism] stage, then I think it could evolve intelligence. I have no idea how likely it is for intelligence to evolve, but I can believe in silicon crystals passing information from layer to layer or in silicon artificial intelligence, but I don’t expect to see silicon apes playing their equivalent of “Angry Birds” on their silicon-phones.Getting a head in evolution:  MSNBC News reported with a straight face that “Strange heads evolved before unusual bodies, scientists find.”  Yes, scientists actually found that, according to Jennifer Viegas.  Isn’t it obvious walking through San Francisco or New York?  Her method of investigation involved a coin toss:Evolution can be a heads or tails question, with scientists debating which parts of animals diversified first. It turns out that heads win, according to new research, with species evolving in their heads before other bodily changes become evident.The findings suggest that food availability has been a primary driver of animal evolution, starting with the head and then on down.It would seem a prediction of this hypothesis that food goes to one’s head.  Whether this is a law of nature seems unlikely (think snakes and worms).  It seems that evolutionists (and reporters) play heads I win, tails you lose:One popular theory, the “early burst model,” holds that there’s a flurry of divergence followed by a long period of relative stability. Another argues that habitat-driven changes in body type precede diversification of head types.Take your pick; Darwin always wins.  Meanwhile, the disciples have job security: “More evidence is needed to see if humans also fit into the head-first model of evolution.”  Perhaps the trendy phrase for 2012 will be “survival of the fat-heads.”Hairy story:  Two researchers at the University of Sheffield came up with a rather sexist theory evolution: according to PhysOrg, Isabelle Dean and Michael Siva-Jothy think “early humans retained fine hair to ward off parasites.”  Experiments on volunteers with shaved arms showed that bedbugs went for the shaved spots.  Fully aware that this puts males at an advantage, they had to have a backup plan.  “Not surprisingly, men were better at detecting bed bugs on the unshaved arm, due to having thicker and longer hair than women,” the article ended.  “As to why men are generally hairier looking than women, the researchers suggest it might be due to something as simple as women preferring men with fewer parasites on them, which would imply more hair.”  That might be a hard choice for madame cavewoman to make while scratching incessantly; sir caveman, meanwhile, might find her scratching disgusting.  If this theory were a law of nature, you wouldn’t have to put flea powder on your dog or cat, would you?Macho bachelors:  Three Aussie researchers actually tried to do a legitimate experimental test of Darwinian theory, but it didn’t work out as expected.  They decided to see if women are attracted to macho guys with deep voices.  According to Darwin, the basses in the choir should get the girls and the kids.  That deep voice signals strength, size, virility, and all the other things women presumably want.  What they found was, well, we’ll let them say it:Women find masculinity in men’s faces, bodies, and voices attractive, and women’s preferences for men’s masculine features are thought to be biological adaptations for finding a high quality mate. Fertility is an important aspect of mate quality. Here we test the phenotype-linked fertility hypothesis, which proposes that male secondary sexual characters are positively related to semen quality, allowing females to obtain direct benefits from mate choice. Specifically, we examined women’s preferences for men’s voice pitch, and its relationship with men’s semen quality. Consistent with previous voice research, women judged lower pitched voices as more masculine and more attractive. However men with lower pitched voices did not have better semen quality. On the contrary, men whose voices were rated as more attractive tended to have lower concentrations of sperm in their ejaculate. These data are more consistent with a trade off between sperm production and male investment in competing for and attracting females, than with the phenotype-linked fertility hypothesis.Their work was published in PLoS ONE (6(12): e29271. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0029271).  Readers are cautioned about reading (or imagining) the “Materials and methods” section. What this implies is that the Darwinians always have a backup plan when the data don’t support the theory: the macho guys are working so hard to apply for the bass section, they don’t have the energy to devote to quality seed.  But then, wouldn’t the tenors win out, and the falsettos do the best?  What about yodelers?  Is there a happy medium in the baritone range?After millions of years at this sexual selection game, one might expect an optimal peak, with no basses or tenors left in the gene pool, yet both extremes still seem to get married.  There are still some short wimps with deep voices, too.  No problem; Darwinian theory has infinite flexibility. The males are choosing the females, too.  The women are attracted to the more sterile basses, but the tenors might have evolved quicker ability to club the females and drag them off to the cave.  So many variables, so little time.  Maybe this could be viewed as the Chaos Theory of mate choice: sensitivity to initial conditions leads to unpredictable outcomes.However convenient such a theory rescue device might seem, it would leave evolutionary theory untestable.  Indeed, they admitted theirs was not the only experimental test of evolution that bombed out.  “More generally, studies that have looked for relationships between general health and attractiveness in face or body traits have yielded mixed results.”  Facing the threat of falsification, there is always another rescue device available to Darwin: future research.  “In conclusion, our data support the view that women perceive men with low pitched voices as masculine and attractive. However, we find no support for the phenotype-linked fertility hypothesis,” they ended.  “On the contrary, our data suggest a potential trade-off between men’s attractiveness and sperm production that warrants consideration in future research.”This trip through Darwin Fantasyland is another reminder that Darwinism is a welfare program that has taken over the government of common sense.  It’s job security for storytellers, riding on the backs of the few scientists with integrity who have had to sacrifice to fund the Darwin Party’s endless quest for a good story (12/22/2003 commentary). The media give the Darwin emperors free access to vaunt their shame in public.  Can you imagine what would happen if a creationist were to publish  papers or articles like these, speculating with reckless abandon, making his point with Star Trek?  First of all, it would never happen, because creationists have virtually no access to the popular science media or secular journals.  Second, creationists have more common sense than to vaunt their shame in public or do their science in Fantasyland.  But if it could happen, you know the outcry would be over the top.  The Darwin Party would demand the heads of the publishers on a stick, an official apology, and a promise that never again would they ever put anything on their website or publication without the official Darwin Party imprimatur.  It’s analogous to the double standard in the so-called “mainstream media” over reporting about liberals and conservatives (plenty of examples at Media Research Center). So we are left with getting the truth out through private channels, like CEH and other creation-friendly or Darwin-skeptic organizations (see article on Evolution News & Views).  ENV is optimistic (article), but history is not.  Taking the lead of Darwin’s X-Men conspirators, the Darwin Party has maintained its grip on the media for a century, and has refined spin doctoring into an art form.  Nevertheless, history shows that scientific revolutions can be rapid.  More often, though, the old guard has to die off.  Success, therefore, in overcoming the Darwin Party Welfare State will require reaching a new generation of common-sense scientists who refuse the initiation rites of the Darwin Temple (“I vow to tell stories to glorify Darwin forever, to never speak evil of a fellow Darwinian, and to hate creationism with all my soul and might”).  Independent thinkers who don’t care to be insiders are the hope of a free science.  These will remain liberated to follow the evidence where it leads, without speculating endlessly on how it must fit a foregone conclusion.Meanwhile, it wouldn’t hurt to laugh out loud at silly stories like this.  The Darwin Party operatives hate being laughed at, but there’s not much they can do about it.  If you are not in danger of losing your job, your tenure, or your reputation, have at it with the best hee-haws you can give.  Laughter is contagious.  Remember, one little boy shouting “The emperor is naked!” was all it took.(Visited 138 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Ambielly 32″ Women’s Wig Long Curly Wavy Hair Party Cosplay Wig – Lovely wavy red hair

first_imgPurchased for my daughter’s halloween and she loved it so substantially she keeps sporting it all-around the property.Not worn yet but matches correctly.It is not accurate and does not even search like, but it provides a very good plan without being tacky. I was supplied to test the article with a huge lower price to be equipped to attempt and examination and then freely share my impressions. And, thinking about that i have a passionate buddy of costplay, i accepted out of curiosity and enjoyment. Is discreetly carried out, the colour is vibrant and uniform. Somewhat it tends to only lighten in the direction of the finishes but not the plan of ​​being discolored. The strands are attached to the cap firmly, i experienced no complications strands detached other than some filament. Before putting the ‘we have a very little ‘tamed’. It was not quick but all in all it really is doable. It was only a brush, a small tolerance and interest, and the end result was satisfying. It is even now very well packaged, in an orderly manner.Here are the specifications for the Ambielly 32″ Women’s Wig Long Curly Wavy Hair Party Cosplay Wig:Use it year round, whether for costume, fashion, or just for fun. You can style it with Iron lower than 180℃ / 356℉. It might be messy during the shipment, please groom it with the special wig comb when you receive it before using.Length:32″ / 80cm . Weight: 300g. Adjustable net-cap fits most head size.Material:100% High-quality High-temperature Synthetic fiberFashionable Style:Fashionable and stylish long hair wig looks natural, real, very pretty and feminine.You can choose your favorite color that match your complexion color and when you wearing it,it can bring you more confidence, and more charm!Please note: This item’s color may vary due to inherent manufacturing variations or your computer monitor’s color settings. The item you receive will be identical or substantially similar to the item pictured in this listing.I am so delighted with this wig that arrived much less than 24 hrs following i acquired it, i have requested 2 a lot more the exact. I have bought the rose pink one’s. Super low-cost selling price and future day delivery is a reward. I have searched for years to find a respectable artificial wig in vibrant pink, that matches with directions flamingo pink hair dye. I wanted to dress in it on the back of my head with my possess pink fringe at the entrance so in essence a 3/four wig. This wig is best for that. Ideal color and glimpse and blends attractive with my own pink fringe. Seems to be amazing with a flower clip or fascinator clipped in and i’ve just tried using it in a long messy plait to one particular side an all over again it seems wonderful. It really is unquestionably a manner product fairly than a tremendous reasonable fantastic top quality wig, but for the dollars it imagine it’s amazing.I agreed to assessment this wig for my daughter who is carrying out a makeup media and hair system at college or university. When it came it was securely packaged neatly and as it was opened it fell superbly into a mass of long pink curls. My daughter excitedly tried using it on and realised she would be capable to wear it to gown up as ariel to her good friends birthday party so we are now getting ready for that. It is really beautiful silky and sleek and also in a position to be brushed and styled which is an included bonus. More than all its a charming wig in a charming colour great for quite a few an ocasion.Reviews from purchasers :A fun item to add to any costume.Lovely, bright, vivid red color.It is not true and does not even look like, but it gives a good idea without being cheesyVibrant colour and good quailtyVery beautiful wigA good wig for cosplay or partyThese a gorgeous wig for fancy dress party. The product is particularly what it reveals – i am so psyched.Made my girl glance like poison ivy.Loses a star for possessing no recommendations.Outstanding high quality and contrary to some the wig is precisely as. Speedy delivery, fantastic high quality and contrary to some the wig is exactly as the photo so you know what you are acquiring.My daughter is now in beginner dramatics so i obtained her to evaluation this for me:nicely designed wigs for cosplay or in my situation stage productions. We acquired two, just one mild blonde and one particular silver grey. The material utilised for the wig feels a minimal synthetic but to be honest it’s for cosplay and the like and i wouldn’t anticipate it to be usually. Note: i was available this solution freely by the producer in exchange for an straightforward critique. I do not allow for this to affect my objective assessment of the product. My overview is particularly as it would be if i’d bought the merchandise myself.Astounding product or service only down facet is effortlessly tangled x.I definitely like this enjoyment party wig. The good quality of the fibres of hair and aesthetic charm is extremely lifelike and resembles really considerably human air. The inside of the wig is well comforted and has adjustable strap to keep the wig in put after when in use. The packaging comes with a hair internet which is sensible to use when storing the wig as like all hair, it can get destroyed and tangled when in not in use. I really like the form of the wig and has good length of bangs. I employed a tough plastic comb to design and style a person on and also to preserve the shape and good appearance of all the strands. The rate alone if really superior price for money as this can be utilised in excess of and around again- invest in a number of hair equipment and the chances are boundless. My mate has very a big head and the elastic inside of the wig is capable to extend and match very enterprise. The colour is a good red wine and is both equally pleasurable and dramatic.Very well, this crimson wig was a bit of a novelty merchandise for me seriously, and when it arrived i was very surprised by the quality. It is really a lot more of a burnished (ginger) pink than a mahogany pink and it was extended than i predicted it to be whilst you can trim it if you want. The curls in it are really very good although and it looked rather remarkable when i tried it on. You can use styling solutions on it inside of the guideline warmth parameters but mine is just for extravagant gown so i will not likely be styling it. It has a bra strap fastener that you can safe to your head and it allows it to hold in area. The wig feels pleasant and comfortable and it is really comfortable to wear. I assume you could neglect it was on once it was arranged adequately. I have to plaster my have hair down but you can use a wig cap beneath to do this properly. On reflection, i am not certain i truly go well with the pink wig, i assume my skin tone is all mistaken (and my eyebrows are definitely incorrect) but it is a excellent way to figure out whether the colour’s good on you in advance of you consider the plunge and dye it.Arrived promptly and seemed good.Wonderful product, packaging eas outstanding.Pleasurable for a chuckle but affordable plenty of to be just that.Good wig for the price tag, great for the ginger party i attended. Glam search for my extravagant dress outfit.My nine yrs daughter totally enjoys the wig. She is impressed by the vibrant purple colour and the long lovely curly waves. She is thrilled about wearing it to the next school costume up day. I am so glad i took the likelihood to assessment this product at a discounted cost for a trustworthy assessment:.Lively colour and fantastic quailty. I recieved the 32′ long wig in wine pink. This wig is amazing and the color is so vibrant. I already have ideas to use this for a poison ivy cosplay/halloween costumethe wig arrived in a crystal clear plastic ziplock bag safe within a cardboard encompass to secure it and it also came with a wig cap. There is a black coloured web under all the hair that you put in excess of your personal hair, also there are 2 clips on both side of the net that you can clip for a more at ease protected in shape. It feels pretty protected even though on and i have seriously long hair as it is but it held in place more than my hair (in a wig cap) with out any challenges, though i truly feel it could have been a little tighter all around the brow hairline – however it continue to felt genuinely secure. The length is excellent, but i will have to have to trim the fringe just a tiny – or get greater at tucking some it driving my ears – as it is just a minor far too long. The curls are loose and bouncy, it is simple to brush and really gentle sensation. You could see some of the netting at the back again when i wore it a certain way – perhaps using a flesh/nude color would be better than black – but with a very little support from my lover i was equipped to take care of it and you rarely know it was a wig. It would be terrific for fancy dress or a cosplay but not for just about every day use.Omg, the most effective wigs ever, i have acquired four distinctive colours as i enjoy them so muchvibrant, silky, beautiful shape, wonderful bouncea should have. I essentially use them out and about as they do not search ‘fake’.Remarkably comfortable and of superior top quality. The only reason i have presented 4 stars and not five is since the fringe is way to long and flops proper over the face. I overcame this with a substantial clip on flower when i utilized the wig for my mermaid costume at a pageant in the summer time. If i have purpose to wear it yet again i’ll most likely lower a fringe into it. Aside from this it arrived immediately and was very well packaged and as i mentioned it is a really excellent good quality wig for the small rate.last_img read more

Dell Releases Customized Version of Chrome OS

first_imgsarah perez Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Tags:#cloud computing#Google#news#NYT#web Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Related Posts center_img A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Dell has just released a customized version of Chromium OS, the open source code behind Google’s new operating system called Chrome, in a build designed specifically for Dell Mini computers. According to a blog post on the Dell Community site, several company employees were inspired create this custom version after seeing Engadget’s video showing Chrome OS running on a Vostro A860 netbook. After tinkering around with the code, they were able to create their own version of Chromium OS, complete with functional Wi-Fi drivers, and have made the build available for download as a USB key image file from the Direct2Dell blog. About Google ChromeAfter last week’s sneak peek at Google’s upcoming operating system dubbed Google Chrome OS, tech enthusiasts everywhere have been playing with the open source code which Google released to the community on the day of the press conference. This code, called Chromium OS, lets anyone take the basic building blocks of Google’s operating system and customize it for their own purposes. Going the open source route isn’t just an example of Google’s desire to “not be evil,” but protects the company from anti-trust, anti-competitive claims surrounding the new project – a project which is basically an OS that runs only one web browser: Google Chrome. In fact, Google’s browser is the operating system in its entirety. No desktop applications will be supported on this web-based, Wi-Fi only machine. As Google’s VP of Product Management, Sundar Pichai, said during the press event, if any other browser maker wants to build their own version of the OS using their own browser, they can. Since the launch of the Chromium OS source code, there have been a number of articles explaining how to run the operating system in a virtual machine on your own computer as well as how to boot the operating system from a USB flash drive. But up until now, these efforts have been steered by enthusiastic technology users and not those associated with any large computer manufacturer such as Dell. And while the Dell Chromium build isn’t exactly an “official” company product, it’s noteworthy for the fact that it was designed by company employees, posted publicly on a Dell website, and is customized to run specifically on Dell Mini computers.Dell’s Chromium OS Build According to the Dell blog post, the USB key image file (available here: http://linux.dell.com/files/cto) only works on Dell Mini 10v computers. Most importantly, the build makes the built-in Broadcom Wi-Fi adapter on these machines functional, a feature needed when running a web-based OS. After all, what good is a cloud operating system if you have to be tethered to an ethernet cable?The blog post includes instructions on how to copy the USB image file to a USB flash drive, but unfortunately the directions are aimed only at those who have access to another Linux machine. We’re not sure why Windows and Mac users couldn’t just modify the instructions found on this website to make their own Dell Chromium OS USB keys by substituting the Dell build for the one hosted on that site. In addition, if you’re interested in trying out the Dell version of Chromium OS, there are a couple of things you should know: You’ll need a hefty USB key drive – 8 GB minimum. It may take 5-10 minutes for the Chromium OS network connection manager to “see” the Wi-Fi access points. Some issues with the connection manager are still present. If it gets hung, reboot and try again. And by the way, there’s no “reboot” – you have to press the power button on the Mini laptop. The Dell build is unsupported and minimally tested – use at your own risk. If you’re still feeling brave, the download is available here. 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

JBI to Facilitate Investment and Modernisation of Plants

first_img The Institute plans to carry out its role by ensuring allocation and efficient use of bauxite reserves, managing and protecting bauxite lands and promoting the welfare of communities impacted by bauxite mining operations, encouraging the efficient production of alumina from bauxite, and full compliance with agreements and environmental regulations. The primary focus of the Jamaica Bauxite Institute (JBI) for 2019/20 remains facilitation of the industry in respect of increasing investment and modernisation of plants, consistent with sound environmental practices; and access to bauxite reserves. Story Highlights This is according to the 2019/20 Public Bodies Estimates of Revenue and Expenditure. The primary focus of the Jamaica Bauxite Institute (JBI) for 2019/20 remains facilitation of the industry in respect of increasing investment and modernisation of plants, consistent with sound environmental practices; and access to bauxite reserves.This is according to the 2019/20 Public Bodies Estimates of Revenue and Expenditure.The Institute plans to carry out its role by ensuring allocation and efficient use of bauxite reserves, managing and protecting bauxite lands and promoting the welfare of communities impacted by bauxite mining operations, encouraging the efficient production of alumina from bauxite, and full compliance with agreements and environmental regulations.Focus will also be placed on verifying bauxite-consumption data and strengthening the quality of human resources, thus enabling the Institute to achieve efficiency in its functions.The JBI was established by the Government in 1975 as a regulatory, planning and development agency to manage the sovereign aspects of the Government’s participation in the bauxite/alumina industry.The Institute manages the Bauxite Community Development Programme (BCDP), which funds development projects aimed at generating employment in communities within the vicinity of bauxite and alumina operations.last_img read more

New mural to honour MMIWG in Winnipegs west end

first_imgAPTN NewsA new mural is going up on a well-known building in Winnipeg’s west end.The piece, led by Metis artist Kenneth Lavallee, is honouring missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls.APTN’s Brittany Hobson finds out it’s also about reclaiming space in the city’s urban centre.bhobson@aptn.calast_img

Leonard fellow lawmakers hold joint committee hearing during Detroit auto show

first_img Categories: Leonard News,Leonard Photos Rep. Leonard and members of the House and Senate attend a joint committee hearing in Detroit.State Rep. Tom Leonard, R-DeWitt Township, and members of the House Commerce Committee and Senate Economic Development Committee hold a joint committee hearing on Jan. 15 outside the 2014 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.“The auto industry has been and continues to be a very important part of Michigan’s economy,” said Leonard, R-DeWitt Township. “I was pleased to learn more about the investments and innovations being made by our auto companies.”The hearing was scheduled as an opportunity to educate lawmakers and the public about Michigan’s role in the global automotive industry and what the state can do to further attract automotive jobs and investment.### 21Jan Leonard, fellow lawmakers hold joint committee hearing during Detroit auto showlast_img read more

Rep Kesto crafts essential updates to law with rise of digital currency

first_img Categories: Kesto News,News Plan in bipartisan package approved in Michigan House voteA proposal from state Rep. Klint Kesto expanding criminal definition in instances where money changes hands was passed unanimously in a recent vote by the Michigan House.Kesto’s legislation, House Bill 6253, does not create any new crimes or strengthen penalties. It adds to definition within the Michigan Penal Code to include cryptocurrency as something of value when examining possible financial gain in crimes involving embezzlement. The proposal is one of six addressing digital currency in a bipartisan update to current laws.“We’ve seen an explosion in the use of digital currency and our laws need to be reflective of that use to make sure Michigan residents and consumers are protected,” said Kesto, of Commerce Township. “These are effective updates that will keep us tough on crime without adding crimes.”Cryptocurrency first started to appear in the United States in the early 1990s, but its popularity has taken off due to a surge in online business and the ease and unregulated nature of exchange. Several major merchants across the country now accept digital forms of currency. Cryptocurrency is not officially recognized as a form of money, so loopholes have naturally arisen in outdated current laws which specifically define a transfer of money or personal property in forms of crime.Kesto serves as chair of the House Law and Justice Committee, which heard testimony on the bills before unanimously advancing them to the full House in November.The six bills in the package, HBs 6253-58, now move to the Senate for consideration. 10Dec Rep. Kesto crafts essential updates to law with rise of digital currencylast_img read more

Sky Deutschland has successfully completed its cap

first_imgSky Deutschland has successfully completed its capital increase, raising some €91 million, increasing the number of shares from 856,800,738 to 877,200,755.One result of the increase was that News Corp subsidiary News Adelaide increased its stake in the company by more than expected, taking its post-increase stake from 54.5% to 54.8%. It has been widely speculated that News Corp will move to take full control of the German pay TV operator.last_img

Hulus The Handmaids Tale Hulu is on track to rea

first_imgHulu’s The Handmaid’s TaleHulu is on track to reach over 23 million subscribers by year end, according to Hulu CEO Randy Freer who discussed the topic at Business Insider’s Ignition conference.The Hulu chief said that the streamer is on track to add more subscribers by the second half of 2018 than it did the first. Between January and June 2018 subscribers went up from 17 million to 20 million, meaning that the company is due to report at least 23 million subscribers by year end.Freer presented Hulu as a rapidly growing company. He said Hulu’s live TV business grew 10x more than AT&T’s DirecTV Now during its third financial quarter.“We were growing in October and November. We had our best third quarter, our best October, our best November,” he said.The exec is still eager to scale the product, however. Freer said: “I think our numbers will be really impressive, but we need to get 30, 40, 50m homes in a way that we can scale.”Freer also set out intentions to expand the company internationally in the future. “We’re exploring all opportunities to expand the geography…we have support from ownership to drive that that opportunity,” he said.As the streaming war goes on there is much speculation on whether Disney, now 60% shareholder of the company as it completes its 21stCentury Fox acquisition, will look to buy the full stake of Hulu from Comcast, which owns 30%.Minority shareholder WarnerMedia, which owns a 10% stake, laid out intentions to sell its part in the company during an analyst event last week.last_img read more