Police need more time before marijuana legalization

Canada’s police services say they will not be ready to enforce new marijuana legalization laws before next summer.Senior police officials appeared before the House of Commons health committee to ask for more time to properly train officers before the drug is legalized by Canada Day of next year.They say that there will be a period of six months to a year when police aren’t fully ready, which will allow organized crime to flourish.The House of Commons health committee is studying the federal government’s bill to make marijuana legal.

Hollywood asks Britain to record its horse neighs to be used as

The winning horse will be chosen by a panel of judges and entered… Equestrians have long been irritated by the incorrect use of horse noises in film and television productions. Now one of the UK’s leading horse sanctuaries is working with an iconic film sound studio to find the most genuine equine sounds for use on screen. Redwings, the horse charity, is collaborating on a project in which horse owners across Britain are invited to submit high-quality recordings of their horse neighing, whinnying, snorting or nickering. But there are subtle differences. Take that from the horse’s mouth. To the layman, one horse’s neigh, whinny and snort sounds just like any other horse’s neigh, whinny and snort.