Canadian Natural Resources to acquire Painted Pony Energy

first_img Painted Pony’s land and production is located within Canadian Natural’s core area. (Credit: John R Perry from Pixabay) Canadian oil and gas company Canadian Natural Resources has agreed to acquire Painted Pony Energy, a natural gas producer, for $461m.The transaction amount includes assumption Painted Pony’s total debt of approximately $350m.Painted Pony is mainly focused on the development of natural gas and natural gas liquids from the Montney formation in northeast British Columbia.The company’s properties in the Northeast British Columbia areas of Blair, Daiber, Kobes and Townsend, together produce about 270 million cubic feet per day of natural gas and 4,600 barrels per day of natural gas liquids (NGLs).With Painted Pony’s land and production located within Canadian Natural’s core area, the acquisition is expected to offer opportunity to leverage synergies with a significant amount of pre-built infrastructure and transportation available.The transaction is subject to certain regulatory approvalsThe deal is expected to be concluded in late third quarter or early of fourth quarter this year, subject to closing conditions.It also requires certain regulatory approvals that include approval under the Competition Act (Canada).Canadian Natural president Tim McKay said: “This acquisition further strengthens Canadian Natural’s natural gas assets and production base in key operating areas and complements the Company’s diversified portfolio.“This transaction also allows us to further insulate against natural gas costs in our oils sands operations and has minimal impact on the Company’s low overall corporate decline rate. We look forward to working together with the staff currently employed by Painted Pony.”In May last year, Canadian Natural Resources announced plans to buy Devon Canada that owns heavy oil assets that are mainly located in Alberta from Devon Energy, for $2.8bn. Painted Pony’s properties are located in the Northeast British Columbia areas of Blair, Daiber, Kobes and Townsendlast_img read more

Mystery solved! Where Movem, the tenant referencing proptech prodigy has gone.

first_imgLeading financial services company Barbon Insurance says it has decided to integrate its recently-acquired automated referencing platform Movem into the HomeLet platform rather than operate it as a standalone referencing tool.Barbon says the Open Banking-based referencing tech cannot, for several reasons, yet deliver the promise of instant, automated referencing for landlords and letting agents without some sort of human alternative to fall back on.Fifteen months ago Barbon spent an undisclosed sum acquiring Movem but according to Barbon’s Marketing and E-Commerce head, Matthew Carter, it was Movem’s tech that the company was after.“We see Open Banking data forming a part of the whole referencing process as we move forward but it will take time, even though Movem had a pretty neat solution,” he says.“We integrated it into HomeLet rather than operating it as a standalone platform because our customers like the tenant journey and what happens during it, so the view was to ask founder Peter Ramsay and his team to integrate it into HomeLet, which is what happened last year.”Matthew says the world of referencing isn’t ready for a standalone automated services, because Open Banking-based data, which reads a person’s bank account transactions if they give permission, still needs the ‘human touch’ to be effective and accurate.What HomeLet has done is take the Movem’s tech and added it to the front end of its referencing service – but if the Open Banking based service can’t deliver, for whatever reason, then the traditional process takes over.Open BankingMovem’s own financial performance prior to being bought by Barbon shows how it was struggling to encourage tenants to use it. Although it raised £740,000 from investors to fund its development including £600,000 from a crowdfunding drive and £100,000 from a government grant, its most recent audited annual accounts for 2018 show that the company generated sales of just £598 and consequently made an operating loss of £176,165.After migrating Movem to HomeLet Peter Ramsey, Movem’s founder, left the company in August last year but still works in an advisory capacity. He has subsequently started up a tech consultancy called was founded in 2013 and became the first proptech company in the UK to develop a fully-automated instant referencing platform based on Open Banking after claiming that the traditional reference process was ‘broken’.Visit the HomeLet website.Visit the Barbon Insurance website.HomeLet movem Barbon Insurance February 26, 2020Nigel LewisWhat’s your opinion? Cancel replyYou must be logged in to post a comment.Please note: This is a site for professional discussion. Comments will carry your full name and company.This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.Related articles BREAKING: Evictions paperwork must now include ‘breathing space’ scheme details30th April 2021 City dwellers most satisfied with where they live30th April 2021 Hong Kong remains most expensive city to rent with London in 4th place30th April 2021 Home » News » Agencies & People » Mystery solved! Where Movem, the tenant referencing proptech prodigy has gone. previous nextAgencies & PeopleMystery solved! Where Movem, the tenant referencing proptech prodigy has gone.Barbon Insurance, owner of leading referencing company HomeLet, has taken a hybrid approach to tenant referencing. Here the company explains why.Nigel Lewis26th February 202001,703 Viewslast_img read more

Attack Helicopter Ships from British and French Navies Rendezvous off Libyan Coast

first_img View post tag: British HMS Ocean, the Royal Navy’s helicopter carrier, and her French counterpart, Mistral, a Marine nationale (French Navy) projection and command ship, are both operating attack helicopters as part of the NATO-led Operation UNIFIED PROTECTOR, enforcing UN Security Council Resolution (UNSCR) 1973 to protect Libyan citizens. Mistral recently took over operations from her sister ship Le Tonnerre.When British Prime Minster David Cameron and French President Nicolas Sarkozy signed the Defence Co-operation Treaty in November 2010, it was not expected that the opportunity would present itself quite so quickly to be able to practically demonstrate the two nations’ armed forces working more closely together, as a way of improving collective defence capability.Royal Navy and Marine nationale ships have been involved in operations off Libya since the start of the operation earlier this year.In particular, there has been close coordination on attack helicopter maritime strike missions, and both HMS Ocean and Mistral have each embedded a liaison officer onboard the other.There have also been a number of visits between the Command teams in order to further understand how the other operates, further contributing to the aim of having, by the early 2020s, the ability to deploy an integrated British-French carrier strike group, incorporating assets from both countries.Since having been allocated to the mission in late June 2011, HMS Ocean has had several intensive periods at sea, launching embarked Apache Attack Helicopters from 656 Squadron Army Air Corps into Libya in support of the NATO-led operation.The Apaches have been ably assisted by other helicopters embarked on HMS Ocean, namely Sea King Mk 7s of 857 Naval Air Squadron, providing maritime surveillance, and Lynx Mk 7s of 847 Naval Air Squadron, providing force protection and logistic support. Together, the Apaches and Sea King Mk7s have flown a significant number of operational sorties.Since leaving the UK in late April 2011, HMS Ocean has conducted over 2,000 deck landings by both embarked and visiting aircraft. This has included French Pumas flying from the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle, as well as both the amphibious ships Le Tonnerre and Mistral.HMS Ocean left the UK in April 2011 as part of the UK’s Response Force Task Group to conduct a series of pre-planned amphibious exercises in the Mediterranean, known as Cougar 11.With the escalating events in Libya, the UK Government took the opportunity in May 2011 to re-task one of the most flexible ships in the Royal Navy’s inventory, and ordered HMS Ocean to support the enforcement of UNSCR 1973.In addition to HMS Ocean, the other Royal Navy and Royal Fleet Auxiliary ships taking part in this operation currently comprise destroyer HMS Liverpool, mine countermeasures vessel HMS Bangor, and support ship RFA Fort Rosalie.The Co-operation Treaty between the UK and France was drawn up to build upon commitments made in last year’s Strategic Defence and Security Review to create stronger strategic defence relationships with our main allies whose security interests and military capabilities are closest to our own.[mappress]Source: mod, September 20, 2011; Back to overview,Home naval-today Attack Helicopter Ships from British and French Navies Rendezvous off Libyan Coast Attack Helicopter Ships from British and French Navies Rendezvous off Libyan Coast View post tag: Rendezvous View post tag: Navy View post tag: Libyan View post tag: from View post tag: coast View post tag: and View post tag: ships View post tag: Helicopter View post tag: French View post tag: Naval View post tag: off View post tag: attack View post tag: Navies Training & Education View post tag: News by topic September 20, 2011 Share this articlelast_img read more

Speech: Matt Hancock speaking at VivaTech in Paris

first_imgBon après-midi. C’est un véritable honneur d’être ici à VivaTech aujourd’hui.[Good afternoon. It is an honour to be here at VivaTech today]J’ai le souvenir d’être devant la télé âgé de douze ans, je me souviens comme si c’était hier.[One of my most formative memories came when I was watching TV at the age of twelve years old. I vividly remember the scene.]Deux équipes d’ouvriers se rencontrent et s’embrassent, à la suite de plusieurs années de travail acharné creusant des souterrains.[Two sets of workmen meeting and embracing after years of hard work tunneling and breaking ground.]À travers un minuscule trou dans la roche, à cent mètres de profondeur sous la mer, ils se serrent la main, et échangent le Union Jack et le Tricolore.[Through a tiny hole in the rock, 100 metres under the sea, they shook hands and exchanged the Union Jack and the Tricolore.]Les ouvriers français ont crié “God Save the Queen!” Et les ouvriers britanniques ont crié ‘Vive La France!’.[The French workers shouted out ‘God Save the Queen’. And the British workers shouted ‘Vive La France’.]C’est ensemble que nos deux pays ont construit le tunnel sous-marin le plus long du monde: le tunnel sous la Manche.[Together our two countries had built the longest undersea railway tunnel in the world – the Channel Tunnel.]Si vous voulez, je peux continuer en anglais. Oui, vous voudrait…The Channel Tunnel impressed on me, even at that young age. First, because the enduring bond and friendship between the UK and France.And second because it showed the power of technology to bring us closer together and to make the world a better place.Since then, of course, much has changed. The new frontiers today are in digital technologies, like artificial intelligence, that will transform the world like never before.But this transforming force can sometimes raise of course new challenges and new questions and can cause new concerns about its impact.During one of the first flights of Concorde, another pioneering UK-French project, the British Government’s Minister of Technology asked his fellow passenger how he was feeling.He said he was so nervous about travelling on a supersonic aircraft that he’d taken last Communion before the flight. The minister asked what he did for a living. He said “I’m one of the engineers”.But whatever the barriers, our two countries have never shied away from embracing change.And we must not shirk at the next challenge. There are two things that I want to say, coming here from the UK perspective.Tech for goodFirst, we must recognise the powerful force for good in these technologies, which help us live longer and safer lives, give us trusted guides for decision making, help us drive more safely while reducing congestion, and bring people closer together.We must protect our environment by using the planet’s resources more efficiently using new technology.And of course make governments smarter using the power of data to improve public services.In the UK, we have been straining every sinew to make the most of this, and drive forward this broad programme of work.Over the last decade since 2010, we have introduced cutting-edge reforms to drive this digital technology in Britain.We have built the UK into the leading tech hub in Europe and one of the leaders around the world.And we have used digital technology to transform Government and build our Government Digital Service.The message is very clear: we must not rest on our laurels. Last year, we published our review into artificial intelligence and just last month we launched a billion pound deal to make sure we stay at the first rank of AI economies.We are investing further billions in the most hi-tech infrastructure, like full fibre and 5G.And we are putting skills at the heart of the education system, digital skills, including making coding compulsory at school and funding more PhD places.In the past week alone, we have announced plans to expand the use of AI in our health sector.Use the latest machine learning technology to equip doctors with the most advanced AI technologies, and Samsung have announced a new artificial intelligence research centre in Cambridge – another endorsement of the UK’s creativity, innovation and enterprise.And last week London was once again ranked as the leading tech hub in Europe.Working togetherBut the second thing I want to say is that we simply cannot work alone.The nature of this technology is that working together is more valuable than ever before.The nature of information and of coding, as a source of prosperity, is that it is infinitely replicable.If one of us builds a technology then it is available for all. And this is fundamentally different to previous waves of technology.So to make the most of new digital technologies, we need to work together and build common ground.I’m delighted at the progress France is making. I pay tribute to President Macron’s leadership and how, along with Mounir Mahjoub​i and the rest of the French government, they are making the case for digital technologies in France.Already the third best place in Europe for digital scale-ups, Paris is well and truly en marche. And our view of this from the UK is that this is wonderful to see.A strong Paris makes for a strong London. A strong France makes for a strong United Kingdom. And as neighbours, we can unleash together the potential of AI. And we need to do this with nations right around the world.Finally I just want to say a word or two about the kind of technology that we must build together.Becuase fundamentally this is about building technology not just to replicate human functions but to improve the human experience.We are moved by the potential and the power of artificial intelligence to bring freedom and change for the better.We have got to ensure we build these algorithms, right from the start, with the right ethical underpinning.And just as we developed rules for the printing press and the motorcar, now is the time to create the laws and the norms that will shape the future of AI.Algorithms are becoming increasingly complex, and at times opaque. Yet they are being entrusted with more and more decisions.How does a human, for instance, know they are communicating with an AI assistant or a human assistant?What do we do if algorithms start to reflect subconscious biases around gender and race?What decisions, if any, can be left with an algorithm on the battlefield?These are real questions and we must as a society confront them.In the UK we are taking a lead by establishing our Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation.It’s a world-class advisory body to make sure data and AI delivers the best possible outcomes for society, in support of its innovative and ethical use.It’ll work with the likes of Microsoft, Deep Mind and IBM and others who are all thinking about and talking about the importance of this ethical underpinning.But no country will thrive by pulling up the drawbridge and thinking they have all the answers.So it is a priority that we work with international partners and garher opinion from around the world.Because this sharing of ideas across borders is crucial to develop a AI that serves humanity.Just as GDPR, which of course comes into force tomorrow, has broken new ground in setting standards for data protection.And I can see GDPR setting standards around the world.So the UK-France relationship on this technology is so important. I look forward to working with France over the months and years ahead to seize the benefits of fast-developing technology.Because we are stronger together.Tout au long de l’histoire, nos deux pays ont coopéré afin d’éliminer les obstacles qui nous sont communs, pour accomplir ce qui semble impossible.[Throughout history our two nations have worked together to smash barriers and make the impossible possible.]L’ Intelligence Artificielle est la nouvelle frontière. Comme toutes nouvelles technologies, l’Intelligence Artificielle a un énorme potentiel de servir l’humanité, propageant la liberté et les possibilités à travers le monde.[AI is the new frontier. And like all new technologies, it has immense power to serve humanity and enhance freedom and opportunity across the world.]Les gouvernements qui saizissent cette nouvelle technologie sont çeux qui vont gagner dans ce nouveau monde.[The governments, and economies, that succeed in this new world, will be those that make the most of this.]Nous devons donc travailler ensemble, guidé par trois vieux principes[And we must do this together, based on three ancient principles.]La Liberté – travailler ensemble, afin que toute l’humanité soit libre[Liberty, so we work together for the freedom of mankind.]L’Egalité – développer les nouvelles technologies pour servir le peuple[Egalitie – so we help build new technologies that work for everyone]La Fraternité – travailler ensemble en tant qu’amis et voisins[And fraternite – so we work together as friends and neighbours.]C’est en suivant les valeures de la France que nous avançons.[These are the enduring principles of France that will guide us as we move forward.]Et si nous gagnons, nous pouvons tracer un nouveau chemin, et garantir que ces technologies servent tout le monde. Merci beaucoup.[And if we succeed, we can chart a new path, and make technology work for everyone.]last_img read more

Pocono, dover to host second annual celebrity softball tournament

first_imgAccess to the celebrity softball game is free with a ticket to that night’s baseball game. Tickets for the Senators game start at just $8, and all children ages 16 and younger that wear their NASCAR gear get a free Senators Hat and free passes to the Kids Play Area. For tickets, call 717-231-4444 or visit   DOVER, Del. & LONG POND, Pa. – Dover International Speedway and Pocono Raceway will square off on the diamond for the second straight year as both tracks announced the return of the Second Annual Celebrity Softball Game, featuring NASCAR Sprint Cup Series drivers Clint Bowyer and Kevin Harvick. The game will be played on Wednesday, April 24 at the home of the Harrisburg Senators in Harrisburg, Pa. NASCAR returns to Dover International Speedway May 31-June 2, 2013 for the June 2 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race, the June 1 “5-hour ENERGY 200” NASCAR Nationwide Series race and the May 31 “Lucas Oil 200” NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race. For tickets or more information, call 800-441-RACE or visit In addition to Bowyer and Harvick, the rosters from each team will be made up of members of national and local motorsports media, as well as other local media personalities, and a few other special guests. Gates for the game will open at 4 p.m. with the game beginning at 4:30 p.m. Following the softball game, time permitting, Bowyer and Harvick will throw out the first pitch for that evening’s 7:05 p.m. baseball game between the Harrisburg Senators and the visiting Reading Fightin’ Phils. The teams are the AA affiliates of the Washington Nationals and Philadelphia Phillies, respectively. Throughout both the softball and baseball games, both tracks will be promoting and giving away tickets to their respective NASCAR Sprint Cup Series races which take place on Sunday, June 2 at Dover and Sunday, June 9 at Pocono. As rosters are announced, they will be posted and updated at and, as well as on and, and on Twitter at @MonsterMile and @PoconoRaceway.center_img Access to the celebrity softball game is free with a ticket to that night’s baseball game. Bowyer, driver of the No. 15 5-hour ENERGY Toyota, will captain Team Dover, while Harvick, who pilots the No. 29 Rheem Chevrolet SS, will lead Team Pocono. In the inaugural game last year, Jeff Burton and the team from The Tricky Triangle narrowly defeated Carl Edwards and the Monster Mile after mounting a late comeback. A week later, NASCAR’s premier circuit visits Pocono Raceway for the June 7-9, 2013 “Fan Driven 400” race weekend, including the June 8 “Pocono 200” ARCA Racing Series Presented by Menards race and the June 9 “Fan Driven 400” NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race. For tickets or more information, call 800-722-3929 or visit Clint Bowyer, Kevin Harvick to lead teams in second annual celebrity softball game between Dover International Speedway and Pocono Raceway The tracks have also teamed up to offer an all-new ticket package that includes a ticket for each of the tracks’ spring NASCAR Sprint Cup Series races — June 2 at Dover, June 9 at Pocono — as well as a hot dog, beverage and souvenir program for each race. The package costs $158 as the Monster Mile and The Tricky Triangle are only 158 miles apart.last_img read more

Dave Chappelle Bumps The First Night Of Electric Beethoven’s Two-Night NYC Run

first_imgAfter wrapping up a tremendous performance at Brooklyn Comes Alive, the new and exciting project Electric Beethoven was set to cross the East River and play two nights in Manhattan, NY. As their album focused on the 3rd and 6th Symphonies by Ludwig van Beethoven, the band was set to perform one symphony per each night of the two-night run, with sets scheduled at The Cutting Room on October 25th and DROM on October 26th.However, it seems some last minute plans forced The Cutting Room to pull the rug out from Mr. Beethoven. The venue booked three performances by comedian Dave Chappelle this week, resulting in a cancelled Electric Beethoven performance. The Chappelle shows sold out within minutes, as fans have been eager to catch the comedian in his return to show business.To make up for the cancellation, Reed Mathis and co. have promised to play for at least four hours on Wednesday, treating those who can attend to a whirlwind spectacle of Beethoven, electrified. Tickets for that DROM performance are still on sale now, and can be found here.If you purchased tickets for this show through The Cutting Room’s website (via Ticketfly), you should have already been notified about a refund. If you purchased tickets for the cancelled show or a two-day pass through Live For Live Music (via Eventbrite), you will be contacted with information regarding the refund as well. If there are any issues, please contact [email protected]last_img read more

Hempton named Divinity School dean

first_imgHarvard University President Drew Faust announced today that David Hempton will become dean of Harvard Divinity School, effective July 1. Hempton, the Alonzo L. McDonald Family Professor of Evangelical Theological Studies at the Divinity School, succeeds William A. Graham, who last September announced his intention to step down from the post at the end of this academic year.“David Hempton is an internationally recognized historian of Christianity with an exceptionally distinguished scholarly record,” said Faust, in announcing the appointment. “His broad-ranging interests in religion, political culture, identity, and ethnic conflict, and the history and theology of Evangelical Protestantism make him particularly well-suited to advance the understanding of religion at Harvard and in this religiously pluralistic world. His incisive intellect and high-level engagement with both the scholarly and administrative issues at the School will serve him well as dean, and I am delighted that he has agreed to take on this leadership role.”“I am grateful to President Faust for this opportunity, and I am honored and humbled to be asked to serve as the next dean of the Harvard Divinity School,” said Hempton. “I look forward to working with colleagues at the Divinity School to build on the progress made over the last decade in expanding and strengthening the faculty across a range of fields and broadening the scope of the education offered. I also welcome the opportunity to engage with colleagues in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and across the University to improve Harvard’s approach to the study of religion at the undergraduate and graduate levels and to enliven our engagement with religious and ethical questions more broadly.”A prominent scholar focusing on global Christianity, Hempton is a native of Northern Ireland and former director of the School of History in the Queen’s University of Belfast. Hempton arrived at Harvard in 2007 from Boston University, where he was University Professor and professor of the history of Christianity. In 2008, he was named the Divinity’s School “Outstanding Teacher of the Year.”As director of the School of History in the Queen’s University of Belfast, Hempton had broad authority over budget and management, faculty recruitment and curriculum, and preparation for the national university research and teaching assessments. Hempton has also served as an external consultant for the Open University and the British Broadcasting Corp. in the design of multimedia course offerings in the history of Christianity.Hempton is a fellow of the Royal Historical Society, and a former chairman of the Wiles Trust, founded in 1951 to promote innovative thinking on the history of civilization, broadly conceived. He has held fellowships from the Wolfson and Nuffield Foundations and the National Endowment for the Humanities. He has been a visiting scholar at St. John’s College Oxford, and has delivered various endowed lectures, including the Cadbury Lectures at the University of Birmingham (1994) and the F.D. Maurice Lectures at King’s College London (2000).Hempton is the author of many books and articles, including: “Methodism and Politics in British Society, 1750-1850” (Stanford University Press, 1984), winner of the Whitfield prize of the Royal Historical Society; “Methodism in Irish Society 1770-1830,” proxime accessit for the Alexander Medal of the Royal Historical Society (1986); (with Myrtle Hill) “Evangelical Protestantism in Ulster Society 1740-1890” (Routledge, 1992); “Religion and Political Culture in Britain and Ireland: From the Glorious Revolution to the Decline of Empire” (Cambridge University Press, 1996), shortlisted for the Ewart-Biggs Memorial prize; “The Religion of the People: Methodism and Popular Religion c. 1750-1900” (Routledge, 1996); “Faith and Enlightenment” in the “New Oxford History of the British Isles” (OUP, 2002); “Methodism: Empire of the Spirit” (Yale University Press, 2005), winner of the Jesse Lee Prize; “Evangelical Disenchantment: Nine Portraits of Faith and Doubt” (Yale University Press, 2008); and “The Church in the Long Eighteenth Century” (I.B. Tauris, 2011).Having recently completed a study of global Christianity in the early modern period, he is currently engaged on a comparative study of secularization in Europe and America from the 18th century to the present.Hempton is married to Louanne Hempton, and has two grown children, Stephen and Jonney.last_img read more

Temperatures Remain Below Average For The First Full Week Of October

first_imgShare:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window) JAMESTOWN – As we begin the first full week of October, temperatures will remain below average with a brief warm-up mid-week. Sunday will remain chilly with scattered rain showers possible in the afternoon. Otherwise mostly cloudy with highs in the mid-50’s.A few rain showers will stick around for early Monday before skies clear in the afternoon as high pressure builds in late Monday into Tuesday allowing for a brief warm-up Tuesday. Highs on Monday in the upper-50’s. High pressure will stick around long enough to provide for a dry sunny day on Tuesday. Highs reach around 65.High pressure moves out by late Tuesday allowing for another system Wednesday that will bring a return for a change of rain showers with highs around 60.Cooler air returns for Thursday and Friday with temperatures once again back in the mid-50’s. Some remaining moisture for Thursday will provide a few rain showers. Otherwise both days will see some sunshine.Any remaining moisture with the colder air may provide for the first few wet snow flakes of the season well inland on Thursday night. Don’t expect any accumulation. This will be very light and insignificant.Dryer warmer air looks to return next weekend with highs returning to the mid-60’s.Also a weather announcement, the National Weather Service Buffalo New York Doppler radar will be out of service starting this upcoming Thursday, October 8th for around one week while technicians work on updates. Radars in Cleveland, State College, and Binghamton will help to provide some coverage during the outage.WNYNewsNow is a proud Ambassador for the NOAA Weather-Ready Nation program.last_img read more

Vermont gets $3.75 million in new rural renewable energy grants and loans

first_imgVermont’s Congressional Delegation ‘ Senator Patrick Leahy (D), Senator Bernie Sanders (I) and Congressman Peter Welch (D) ‘ reported Tuesday that 18 Vermont farms and rural businesses will share $3,750,930 in grants and loans to support energy efficiency improvements and renewable energy projects. The loans and grants are being made through the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Rural Energy for America Program (REAP).The Vermont projects include nearly $2 million in grants and loans for the installation of agricultural methane production, electrical generation facilities at two farms in Addison County and a loan of $1.5 million to support the Addison Solar Farm now under construction on Route 7 in Vergennes. Ten Vermont maple producers will receive grants of up to $14,000 to improve energy efficiency, reducing the fuel needed to run their evaporators and sharpen the productivity of their sugaring operations. Other projects include additional solar voltaic installations and energy efficiency improvements on dairy and poultry farms. The full list of the 18 Vermont projects is available online at: is external)… .The high-level interest and activity in Vermont on renewable energy and energy efficiency is reflected in the fact that Vermont ranks sixth among the 50 states in the total number of projects funded.Leahy, the most senior member of the Senate Agriculture Committee, said, ‘Renewable energy is a natural for rural areas like Vermont. This is tangible support that will directly boost the bottom line for many farms and small businesses in Vermont, while cutting our dependence on fossil fuels and generating new construction and manufacturing jobs. These are home-grown Vermont initiatives that hew closely to our state’s economic and energy future.’Sanders said, ‘There is little doubt in my mind that in the years to come the energy mix in this state will be very different than it is today ‘ with a far greater reliance on energy efficiency and sustainable energy. This federal support will be a major step forward in moving our state toward a greener economy.’Welch, a member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, said, ‘Vermont’s agricultural community has long recognized the importance of investing in energy efficiency and renewable energy. These grants and loans will help reduce farmers’ energy costs while supporting their efforts to harvest another key crop: sustainable energy.’U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack said, ‘These loans and grants will generate and save energy for the nation’s farmers and rural small businesses for decades to come.”Source: Vermont congressional delegation. 11.9.2010last_img read more

3 Perfect “Fusions” You Can Enjoy in Lexington and Rockbridge County, VA

first_img Do you want a small-town pace with big-city plates? The slower pace of small-town America is the perfectrespite from today’s high paced society. However, vacationers often believethey must forego other amenities in lieu of the slower pace – namely variedfood options. Craft beer, specialty cocktails, local wine, made-from-scratchdesserts and regional Southern fare brim from table to table in any flavor youcould imagine. Cozy basement wine sippings around the fireplace at TAPS make for the perfect start or end to your evening. Steaks, seafood and live jazz are the specialties at Haywood’s. Dinner and drinks on the breezy terrace at Rocca Bar + Ristorante overlooking Main Street and Halcyon Days Cider Co. and apple orchard labyrinth with incomparable views of the Blue Ridge Mountains are only a few of the come-as-you-are food experiences that should top your list. Looking for deep history and an energizing community? Few places are morealive than a college campus and the surrounding community. But when that youngcollegiate energy radiates alongside deep roots of history, the result ispractically magical. Fusion #3: History + Innovation And before you think finding outdoor adventure means you’ll have to sleep in a tent hidden away in the woods, you may want to take a look at the plentiful lodging options available in the area. From historic hotels, inns and B&Bs, cabin and vacation home rentals to robust campground sites and RV parks, you’ll find the perfect place to rest your head. Relive history as you meander the grounds of Wade’s Mill, a 1750s working grist mill, and Cyrus McCormick Farm, then take a state-of-the-art brewery and packaging plant tour at Devils Backbone Outpost Tap Room & Kitchen, a self-guided tour at Lexington Coffee Roasters (one of the nation’s top 12 coffee roasters) or visit the Sheridan Livery to try the wine-on-tap bar, the first of its kind in the Shenandoah Valley. Fusion #1: Small-Town Pace + Foodie Haven Go ahead…find the outdoor adventure you’ve been seeking. And then perhaps you may want to top it off with a stay at the historic and luxurious The Georges hotel in downtown Lexington or Forest Oaks in Natural Bridge. Whether enjoying thenatural outdoor beauty, the deep history or the unique pulse of culture inLexington, Buena Vista and Rockbridge County, the enjoyment of one experienceis heightened, in part, because of the existence of the others. Do you like outdoor adventure and luxury lodging? Outdoor enthusiasts will delight in the variety of adventures awaiting them here in Rockbridge County, VA. Bike on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Hike lush green mountain ridges of the Appalachian Trail. Paddle along the tranquil Upper James River Water Trail or fish the plentiful streams and rivers throughout the valley. Explore the karst landscape in Natural Bridge State Park and the Caverns of Natural Bridge and Devil’s Marbleyard. Learn more at The fortress-like presence of Virginia Military Institute serves as the sentry of Lexington, amicably giving way just beyond to the red brick sidewalks and quaint shops that speak of days gone by. Fusion #2: Outdoor Adventure + Excellent Lodging Choices But in Lexington, VA and surrounding areas, foodies need not worry. With a storied list of sweet and savory bites, any pallet will be fully satisfied. Chefs take inspiration from what’s local and fresh, filling your plate with produce plucked that morning by local farmers, steak raised down the road at Buffalo Creek Farm and in-house creations you’ll find nowhere else. last_img read more