13 Days Of Phishmas 2017: Baker’s Dozen Night 1, The “Coconut” Show

first_imgThe band got the ball rolling on the first of 26 Baker’s Dozen sets with the Phish debut of “Shake Your Coconuts,” an obscure 2003 “call to party” by Danish pop duo Junior Senior. With the last notes of the opener still ringing, Page McConnell launched the vocal sample for “Martian Monster.” After all, this particular Garden crowd had been selected as the first astronauts to explore the planet Baker’s Dozen, with the Chilling, Thrilling Sounds of the Haunted House track making its second appearance of the summer after landing during Northerly Island night two. This particular Martian trip may have been short, but the band took visible pleasure in the irony of the lyrics as they embarked on the longest single run in their history.“Shake Your Coconuts”Next up was a slow-boiling “Timber (Jerry),” whose impending visit was foreshadowed with heavy teases during the not-so-simple “Simple” from Chicago. The Phish rode that Arkansas mule for 8+ minutes of focused type-1 improv, culminating in an anthemic build toward the first of night 1’s many grandiose peaks. A straightforward “555” came next, with some amusing antics coming at the song’s end, as Trey Anastasio cheekily asked the crowd “are we tired yet?” The audience roar that erupted in response answered Trey’s inquiry emphatically. Hell no, Trey. Hell no. After a long pause, the band counted into their next tune, but after a few drum beats, the “song” was abruptly cut short, with Trey introducing “Mr. Jon Fishman” behind the kit. Fishman responded to the mulligan in kind, joking “that might be our greatest composition yet.”Sunny TAB ditty “Pigtail” followed, just its fourth appearance in the Phish setting–and its fourth successively better rendition. “Pigtail” will end up being a great Phish tune. Mark it. “Halfway To The Moon” followed, and it seemed that many fans were halfway to the bathroom when, suddenly, “Halfway” launched into orbit, with Trey and Page flexing their musical muscles and Chris Kuroda showing off his spectacular new rig, which moves, spins, and generally blows last year’s LED screen setup out of the water. We’re way beyond “stage lighting” this year, as Kuroda’s new toys encompass the entire arena, making for a jaw-dropping, 360-degree spectacle. The whole damn room lights up this year, guys [early review of the rig: 5-out-of-5 gooogley-eye emojis].After an extended stop, the band kicked into the first classic Phish epic of the evening, “Reba.” After nailing the song’s complex composed parts, the band built out a typically high-flying jam, before skipping the tune’s whistling outro and opting instead for what was perhaps the evening’s most exciting song selection: David Bowie‘s “Moonage Daydream.” The first tune from last Halloween’s Ziggy Stardust costume set to appear since made an emphatic statement. Bobbing and weaving and shrugging off hits with the supreme confidence of a champion prize fighter, Trey lathered the “Moonage” jam with meaty guitar flourishes. For our purposes here, we can go ahead and call this tune Part 1-of-many in a forthcoming series entitled “Why You Really Just Have To Go To All The Shows.” A typically ripping “Walls Of The Cave” followed to close the set, leaving high expectations for what was to come.You can watch great crowd-shot footage of Phish’s “Moonage Daydream” cover from the Baker’s Dozen, courtesy of YouTube user LazyLightning55a:An opening night “Tweezer” was near the top of many fans’ “guess list” for night one, and the familiar opening riff of the Picture of Nectar favorite prompted an ecstatic reaction from the audience. This 16+ minute “Tweezer” excursion packed an entertaining punch, Kurodas arena-enveloping visuals once again adding some extra “wow” factor. The band built “Tweezer” into a calculated groove, with Trey flutters foaming up over the top before Page and Fishman pushed the jam into “bliss” territory and, subsequently, into a classic “Tweezer” peak. Finally, Fish took the reins once again, driving the band into “Seven Below” for the second improvisational excursion in as many songs to start set two. “Seven Below” reached some great, minimal, synth-led 80s grooves that evoked a Phil Collins-type sound (think “In The Air Tonight”) with Page absolutely blaring as the song built to another impressive climax. While far from all-time versions, both jams highlighted Phish’s intentions for the run to come: Each member of the band was trying things, taking risks, connecting in different ways, pushing each other. We may not be “there” just yet, but it’s clear the band is determined to make this unprecedented residency something truly special.“Tweezer”“Seven Below”A “Billy” breather came next, sucking some of the air out of a great set-opening pair of jams, before moving into “Sparkle,” which built to its cacophonous apex with a little more intent and purpose than your average “Sparkle,” if you’re into that kind of thing.With the third-quarter breathers out of the way, Phish launched into “Everything’s Right,” one of the strongest songs from a selection of early Summer 2017 debuts. The song once again got the improv treatment, with Mike Gordon serving as the locomotive and Trey milking his previously-established 80s arena rocker finesse to fantastic effect before guiding the band into a towering “Slave,” which may or may not have made this writer shed a few emotionally-gobsmacked tears, before a tight-and-funky “Suzy Greenberg” appeared to end the set. However, since these are no ordinary Phish shows, the band had one more surprise in store–the debut of an a cappella rendition/quasi-vocal jam on ubiquitous tropical chant “Coconut” (original by Harry Nilsson), which saw the clearly-amused foursome put the lime right into the coconut as they held back giddy smiles–almost like they know something we don’t know…That was when the big picture began to come into focus for all in attendance. Friday’s donut: Coconut creme. The opener: “Shake Your Coconuts.” The closer: “Coconut.” “Coconuts” in “Reba.” Starting to see a pattern? Just like that, the “Baker’s Dozen” mission was clear: 13 nights. 13 donuts. 13 special shows.The band returned for their encore with a rare “Mango Song,” which made a welcome appearance despite Trey’s usual struggles on the tune’s tricky guitar theme before ceding to a red-hot “Good Times, Bad Times,” in which Trey reminded everyone who’s boss, and restored whatever faith may have been lost during the “Mango” flubbery.It’s difficult to digest this show as a single, isolated performance. If this was a one-off–a lonely donut, if you will–it’s likely a lot more fans might feel like the show left something to be desired. But this show felt perfect as the start of something big. It’s the mo-fuckin’ Baker’s Dozen! There will be no repeats. There will be no prisoners. Twelve more nights to go!Hot Takes From Night 1:REPEAT WATCH: Zero so far, since it’s only night one. But considering all the new tunes, covers, rare covers, and more, it sure looks like we won’t see any.TODAY’S DONUT: Coconut (“Shake Your Coconuts,”, “Reba”, “Coconut”)WE TIRED YET?: Hell no.SETLIST: Phish | Baker’s Dozen Night 1 | Madison Square Garden | New York City, NY | 7/21/17I: Shake Your Coconuts[1], Martian Monster, Timber Ho! > 555, Pigtail, Halfway to the Moon, Reba[2], Moonage Daydream, Walls of the CaveII: Tweezer > Seven Below > Billy Breathes > Sparkle, Everything’s Right > Slave to the Traffic Light, Suzy Greenberg, Coconut[1]E: The Mango Song, Good Times Bad Times[1] Phish debut.[2] No whistling[photo by Andrew Blackstein]We’ll see you back here tomorrow, as we continue to re-sample all the donuts on our way back to the Garden for New Year’s Run 2017-2018. For a complete list of pre-show plans and late-night after-parties, check out our guide here.13 Days of Phishmas 2017:Night 1 – “Coconut” – 7/21/17 Phish | Baker’s Dozen Night 1 | Madison Square Garden | New York City, NY | 7/21/17 | Photos: Andrew Blackstein In just 13 days, Phish will make their triumphant return Madison Square Garden in New York City for their traditional 4-night New Year’s Run at the world’s most famous arena. Over the years, The Garden has become the de facto home court for the Phish from Vermont. To date, the band has played the storied midtown room 52 times–usually surrounding New Year’s Eve–and among those 52 are some of the more exciting and memorable shows they’ve ever played. In 2016, we counted down the days until New Year’s Run with “The 12 Days Of Phishmas,” a festive collection of our favorite Phish shows at the Garden over the years. But that list was made before the Baker’s Dozen, Phish’s unprecedented run of 13 straight shows at MSG over the course of 17 days featuring nightly donut flavors, surprise covers and bust-outs to cater the setlists to each evening’s respective donut “theme” and, oh yea, NO REPEATS, that ended with a “championship” banner being raised to The Garden’s rafters on a day officially designated as “Phish Day” by the Mayor of New York.Much of the excitement of the residency came from figuring out the game as it went along. By the thirteenth night, we were all experts on the Baker’s Dozen: We were making informed setlist guesses based on pastry flavors, hoarding our souvenir beer cups (anyone else have a cabinet full of those bad boys?), confidently debating the virtues of one concourse spicy chicken sandwich vs. the other. On the Monday morning following the run, we gushed about the impressive amount of material covered (230+ different songs) as we proudly surveyed the thoroughly baffling results of these 13 nights in NYC. But on Night 1, nobody knew much of anything. We didn’t know that the donut flavors held deeper meaning. We were skeptical of the band’s ability to play 13 shows with no repeats. We were totally unprepared.Our Official Guide To Phish New Year’s Pre- And Post-PartiesGoing back over the music of the Dozen is an extensive undertaking, and it’s been tough to know where to start in the months since, let alone how to rank these shows among the rest of Phish’s decorated history at MSG. So with the band’s historic summer at the Garden in the rearview and another four Phish MSG shows squarely in our sights, we’re celebrating this year’s Phishmas by reliving the magic of the Dozen one donut at a time, the same way it was originally tasted. By the time we’re done going back through the Baker’s Dozen spoils, it’ll be time to add four more shows to the list, rounding out 17 in ’17–the biggest and baddest year of MSG Phish we’ve ever seen. Merry Phishmas, kiddos…NIGHT 1: COCONUT7/21/17(Review by Andrew O’Brien)Shake your coconuts, coco boys and coco girls—this party’s just begun! The moment is now, the day is here, and Phish‘s “Baker’s Dozen” residency at Madison Square Garden in New York City is finally, officially, underway. Earlier in the day, the band announced via their socials that they would be distributing donuts–real, edible, actual donuts–to their MSG guests as they arrive each night, a new flavor for each of the 13 days. Friday’s flavor: Coconut. Why does the kind of snacks the band gave out pre-show matter to the music? Don’t worry, it’ll all make sense soon…center_img Load remaining imageslast_img read more

Saint Mary’s robotics enthusiasts look to expand club, engage in passions

first_imgNuts, bolts and some interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) is all that’s needed to join the Bellebots, Saint Mary’s College’s robotics club.Bellebots was founded last September, and the group has new goals they’d like to achieve in its second year, club president and sophomore Michelle Lester said.“Our goals this year are to actually compete,” Lester said. “We’ve been a club for a year at this point, … and we actually want to sign up for the VEX U competition and compete as a team.” Additionally, the group hopes to continue its outreach into the South Bend community and inspire children interested not only in robotics but also STEM fields more generally. Lester said the club’s vice president, junior Noreen Maloney, will support and assist her in this endeavor.“Last year, what we focused on was helping in the community with our community sponsored FIRST Tech Challenge team,” Maloney said. “We would like to continue helping support them with mentorship and guidance as young kids in the community who are interested in STEM. That’ll be another component we’ll be refining this year: bringing in more volunteers hopefully.”Because of the variety of goals the club has, there is no prior robotics experience needed to join the group, Lester said. She said the club unites like-minded individuals and can spark friendships.“There’s no robotics experience needed, and it’s a great way to meet people from across the street,” Lester said. “We have people that come over to Saint Mary’s from Notre Dame … to come to meetings and to be in the club, and they’re some of the most passionate people I’ve ever met about robotics.She said she hopes membership encourages more women to engage in STEM-related activities.“Also, if you’ve ever been interested in science, math, technology or engineering, it’s such a great way to get involved in that,” Lester said. “I think women are super underrepresented in that industry, so we need to get more women into STEM, and this is led by women and done by women.”Maloney said Bellebots teaches valuable lessons that can be useful to anyone, so she encourages students of all disciplines to join.“These are life skills that you learn in the club,” she said. “Not only do you have to have communication and teamwork, but also being able to know what certain tools are. You could end up being able to fix your own car and change your own brake pads in the future. If your fuse box goes out, you don’t have to necessarily call a professional.”Maloney said everyone has something to gain from learning more about robotics. “We’re teaching competent skills that are going to be applicable to all life skills, not just if you’re an engineering major,” she said. “It might be more applicable that way, but there’s still things that you’re going to learn that you’re going to use for the rest of your life if you join Bellebots.”The prospect of learning new skills that can be applicable in the future is what drew freshman Mary Lou Schwitzer to think about joining the club, she said.“I don’t think that I want to be doing robotics for my entire life,” she said. “I don’t know for sure what I’m going to be doing, but it is definitely my knowing about. Worse case scenario, I learn stuff that I can use later.”Tags: belle bots, Robotics, STEMlast_img read more

Odds & Ends: Lea Salonga & Lin-Manuel Miranda Duet at Hamilton & More

first_imgHere’s a quick roundup of stories you may have missed today. Salonga & Miranda Duet#Ham4Ham, the pre-show that takes place outside the gargantuan hit that is Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton, raised the bar once again on November 11. Lea Salonga stopped by the Richard Rodgers Theatre to duet with Miranda on “A Whole New World” from Aladdin. However, before they started, the Allegiance headliner and original Princess Jasmine had a surprise in store for the genius…Check out the video below! Maria Friedman to Follow Every RainbowBroadway alum Maria Friedman will be climbing every mountain as the Mother Abbess in the previously reported U.K. incarnation of The Sound of Music Live!. Director Coky Giedroyc has also tapped her sister, the comedian Mel Giedroyc, for the role of Frau Schmidt. They join Kara Tointon, Katherine Kelly, Julian Ovenden and more. Still no word yet on airdate, but it will be broadcast on ITV during the holiday season.Sneak Peek of Damon Albarn’s wonder.landBlur frontman and Gorillaz mastermind Damon Albarn has recently turned his hand to writing tuners and we finally have a first look at his latest, Inspired by Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, with a book and lyrics by Dying for It playwright Moira Buffini and helmed by Rufus Norris, the production will play the U.K.’s National Theatre from November 23. Check out the footage below! Lin-Manuel Miranda View Comments Star Filescenter_img Related Shows Hamilton from $149.00last_img read more

Courts rejects bid to reopen a case closed by Bar lawyers

first_imgCourts rejects bid to reopen a case closed by Bar lawyers Courts rejects bid to reopen a case closed by Bar lawyers October 1, 2002 Regular Newscenter_img The Supreme Court will not order The Florida Bar to reopen a grievance case closed by a staff attorney for lack of evidence.In a September 5 opinion, the court said just as it normally lacks jurisdiction to oversee state attorneys on the handling of their cases, it also has little authority to impose itself in the handling of Bar grievances.The case involved an inmate who filed a grievance against the Fourth Circuit assistant state attorney who successfully prosecuted him. The inmate alleged prosecutorial misconduct, including that the assistant state attorney withheld requested police evidence and used perjured testimony.The Bar staff counsel assigned to the case, following Bar rules, found that if the charges were proven, it would constitute a rule violation and so opened a case file. But after taking with the prosecutor and the defense counsel, the staff counsel determine there was a lack of evidence to prove the charges and dismissed the grievance.The inmate, after failing to get the Bar to reconsider, then petitioned the Supreme Court, asking it to order the Bar to reopen the case.“As we explained over 40 years ago in In re Harper, 84 So. 2d 700, 702 (Fla. 1956), the purpose of an attorney disciplinary proceeding is the protection of the public, not vindication of private rights: ‘Disciplinary proceedings against attorneys are instituted in the public interest and to preserve the purity of the courts. No private rights except those of the accused attorney are involved,’” the court said in its unanimous per curiam opinion. “Accordingly, petitioner had no clear legal right to have the Bar proceed with disciplinary charges against the assistant state attorney and therefore is not entitled to the mandamus relief he seeks.”The court also noted the situation is analogous to a crime victim and the prosecutor assigned to handled that case. “[C]omplaining witnesses cannot demand that the prosecuting attorney file criminal charges,” the court said. The case is Terry v. The Florida Bar, case no. SC01-2179.last_img read more

EU Adds 3 Non-EU Yards to Approved List of Recycling Facilities

first_imgThe European Commission has added six new yards to its list of approved ship recycling facilities.For the first time, three yards located outside the EU have been included in the list, those being Izmir-based Leyal Gemi Söküm Sanayi ve Tícaret Ltd and Leyal Demtaș Gemi Söküm Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ș. and the U.S.-based International Shipbreaking Limited L.L.C. “We are once again proud to have achieved another major milestone in our continuous effort to offer the industry sustainable ship recycling options, both in relation to realizing significant asset values as well as with respect to safe and environmentally sound recycling operations,” Dimitri Ayvatoglu, Head Special Projects & External Affairs at LEYAL, said.Finland-based Turku Repair Yard also made it to the list together with Italy’s San Giorgio del Porto S.p.A. and Denmark’s  Modern American Recycling Services Europe. From December 31 2018, the EU Ship Recycling Regulation requires all large sea-going vessels sailing under an EU Member State flag to use an approved ship recycling facility included in the European List. European ship owners own 35% of the world fleet. A large percentage of these is being dismantled on beaches in South Asia, under conditions harmful to workers’ health and the environment.With the adoption of the updated List, the European Commission aims to ensure that ships are recycled in facilities that are safe for workers and environmentally sound.“The EU is committed to reducing the impact of EU shipping industry on the environment, including through better protection of environment and workers in ship recycling. The inclusion of the first yards located outside the EU is a major milestone and the recognition of very significant efforts and resources dedicated by the concerned yards towards this goal. The updated List will increase the recycling capacity of the European List, and give European ship owners a wider range of recycling options,” EU Commissioner for Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Karmenu Vella said.last_img read more

‘Half of women’ tell of emotional violence

first_imgNZ Herald 14 Nov 2011A family violence expert is calling for a national discussion about relationships after finding that more than half of New Zealand women have suffered psychological and emotional violence from their partners. NZ Family Violence Clearinghouse co-director Dr Janet Fanslow found 51.5 per cent of a sample of 2700 Auckland and Waikato women have been subjected to emotional violence by a current or previous partner, including 17 per cent within the past year. Twenty-seven per cent said their current or most recent partners had also tried to control them through behaviours such as always wanting to know where they were.She asked Kiwi women the same questions as in a 2005 World Health Organisation study of 10 countries, where women reporting physical violence from partners ranged from 13 per cent in Japan to 61 per cent in Peru.As reported in 2004, she found 32 per cent of Kiwi women had suffered physical violence from partners – higher than in Japan or the only other developed nation in the WHO study, Serbia and Montenegro (23 per cent), although lower than the nearest developing nation in the study, Samoa (40.5 per cent). In her paper Sticks, Stones or Words? she says Kiwi women also reported more of all kinds of psychological and emotional violence than women in Japan, Serbia or Samoa. Almost half (46 per cent) said current or previous partners had insulted them or made them feel bad about themselves, 30 per cent had been “belittled or humiliated in front of other people“, 26 per cent said partners had “done things to scare or intimidate [them] on purpose”, and 19 per cent said partners had threatened to hurt them or someone they cared about. Asked about controlling behaviours, 18 per cent said their current or most recent partner “insists on knowing where you are at all times“, 11 per cent said he “ignores or treats you indifferently“, 10 per cent said he “gets angry if you speak to another man“, 9 per cent tried to stop her seeing friends and 5 per cent tried to restrict her family contact. read more

Parker upset by Upton Park boo-boys

first_imgTottenham midfielder Scott Parker admits he was surprised and upset at being booed by West Ham fans on his return to Upton Park on Monday night. Parker joined Tottenham last season in a £6million deal after four seasons with the east London club. The England midfielder, who gave away a penalty in Tottenham’s 3-2 win, admits he was taken aback by the jeers from the home crowd. “I didn’t expect the West Ham fans to boo me and obviously it was a little bit upsetting,” said Parker, who played 113 times for West Ham. “I don’t know why (they did it). I don’t know if it’s because I went to their local rivals… I’m not sure, but I just would have liked to think that maybe I would have got a better reception after what I did in my time here.” During his time at Upton Park, Parker was named ‘Hammer of the year’ three times, and was also named footballer of the year by the Football Writers’ Association in his final season even though the Hammers were relegated from the top flight. The 32-year-old put in some lionhearted performances for the Hammers during his time at the club, but he was booed throughout his first appearance at Upton Park since departing for West Ham’s local rivals Spurs. He added: “I loved (Upton Park), the fans, and I loved the club. I had four fantastic years here and it will always be a club with a massive place in my heart. I was looking forward to coming back and I couldn’t wait to go out there and play so I was disappointed (to be booed).” Spurs moved up to third in the Barclays Premier League following the win, which came courtesy of a last-minute wonder-strike from Gareth Bale. Parker thinks the come-from-behind victory will have served as a warning to Arsenal, against whom they play in the north London derby on Sunday. When asked what he thought Arsenal’s players would make of seeing Bale’s killer goal fly in, Parker said: “It’s deflating isn’t it? I’ve been in that position where you’re watching the scores come up (on television) and it goes ‘last minute goal at wherever’ and you’re praying it’s the other team – and it isn’t, it’s the team that you don’t want to score. “So it is deflating as a player on the opposite end, and I’m sure the Arsenal players are like that.” center_img Press Associationlast_img read more

Newcastle’s Cabaye in PSG’s thoughts

first_img “We are very happy with this team, but with all the competitions in which we are engaged we must be aware there will be issues, as we have seen with Adrien Rabiot.” From his perspective, Cabaye sees no reason why he could not be playing Champions League football with Newcastle next season. With United seven points adrift of the all-important fourth-place currently occupied by Liverpool, Cabaye said: “We are in good shape.” Speaking to reporters, he added: “Champions League is a bigger level, but we have the capacity to just stay next to the big teams. “If we are still in a similar position (to challenge for the top four) by the end of the season, why not?” Insisting he is happy at Newcastle, Cabaye added: “For me the most important thing, as I said, is to do my best for the team. “If the manager or the staff are happy with my performance and the fans who are supporting me are happy, I am happy. “My mentality hasn’t changed. Even after what happened in the summer – and I will do my best for the team every day.” At present, Newcastle insist no bid has been received. But with Cabaye in form, scoring five goals in his last seven appearances for Newcastle, and available to play in the Champions League knockout stages, he is an attractive proposition to Blanc. The former France manager is in need of a midfielder after losing Adrien Rabiot to injury. Speaking to Canal+ after PSG thrashed Nantes 5-0 on Sunday to retain their five-point lead at the top of the table, Blanc said: “It would be good to have an extra player in midfield. “We need a player who has the same mentality as the others when they are playing or on the bench. He must love to play. “He must be technically good and be tough, and whether this player comes or does not come, there will be competition in all positions. “I’ve been saying for a month and a half – and the injury to Adrien makes it more urgent – that we need an extra player in midfield.” Asked specifically about Cabaye, Blanc added: “I ask myself. I know the man. He has that character, but there are others. Press Association Paris St Germain coach Laurent Blanc has refused to rule out a move for Newcastle midfielder Yohan Cabaye before the January transfer window closes. Speculation previously surfaced around Cabaye in the summer, when he missed the Magpies’ first three games of the season following a bid from Arsenal. Blanc has made no secret of his admiration for the 28-year-old, and reports suggest PSG are preparing to double the Gunners’ offer with a £20million-plus fee. last_img read more

Allardyce warns Morrison

first_imgWest Ham manager Sam Allardyce has warned Ravel Morrison his loan spell at Cardiff is his last chance to prove he is worthy of a future at Upton Park. Press Association “I got no ratings off people in the club not the club itself just people in it,” he wrote before later adding: “I’ve got 0% ratings at West Ham.” After moving from Manchester United, where he was originally considered a marvellous prospect, Morrison has spent time at Birmingham and QPR whilst being used sparingly when available to Allardyce. And now the England Under-21 midfielder appears to be in the last-chance saloon with his manager. “He can go and play some football and see if he can get regular first team football and we can keep him an eye on him,” Allardyce said in explaining the loan to the Sky Bet Championship side. “And then in and around Christmas time we have to make a decision regarding Rav because he’s coming into the last year of his contract now. “It’s not that he has to impress me as a footballer, we know about his talent. It’s about playing the talent and himself to a disciplined life in general, is what needs to happen with Rav. If that happens we’d want him here.” Off-field misdemeanours have often seen Morrison’s career stagnate whilst others have prospered and Allardyce remains wary that those problems will continue to dog the precious talent in the future. “It’s about self-discipline,” he said. “We have our code of conduct like everybody else but self-discipline as a professional player in life is very important. And he has to sort that side of it out for me to be part of this squad that we have here. “It’s a lack of concentration and a lack of discipline. In the end you can only talk to him so often, so many times about changing. Since he’s been here he has got better, there’s no doubt about that. “But he still needs to get even more disciplined to where he is now. I think that he’s happy when he’s playing first-team football as well.” If Morrison’s future at West Ham remains unresolved, that of summer signing Enner Valencia appears bright after his impressive start. The Ecuador international scored a wonderful goal in the Hammers’ 2-2 draw at Hull and has become an instant hit with the fans. Those fans, in film at least, were the first impression Valencia had of West Ham – after watching the 2005 football hooliganism movie ‘Green Street’. The independent film, starring Elijah Wood, is based around West Ham hooligans but Valencia was not put off and has since learnt that those days are consigned to the history of British football. “I knew about West Ham mainly from watching films and I know that the supporters were very passionate,” he said. “I don’t remember all of the names but I remember ‘Green Street’. I was not scared (of moving to West Ham) I respected the fact that they are very passionate supporters and when I found out I was coming here I didn’t know what to expect. “As soon as I arrived I was told that that was all back in the day, in the old days, and it has all changed now.” Valencia has experience of supporter unrest having been locked in his home stadium when former club Emelec lost at home to their Ecuadorian Clasico rivals Barcelona in a title-decider. “It was a derby, the Clasico, and our main rivals were top of the league,” he explained. “We had to beat them in order to move onto the same points and we couldn’t get the win. It was very difficult to get everyone out of the stadium.” After a 3-1 win over Liverpool last weekend, Valencia is now ready to continue the development of his partnership with Diafra Sakho at the expense of Louis van Gaal’s Red Devils – who lost 5-3 at Leicester on Sunday. I watched that game live,” he said. “Everyone loves to play against Manchester United and if you get the chance you would love to beat them. It was exactly what I was expecting and it is what I like about the Premier League – anyone can beat anyone, that is what makes it such an interesting league and I was expecting to be able to beat the top teams. “I hope I can continue to score and to help the team to get as high up the table as possible.” The 21-year-old has moved to south Wales for three months having played just 33 minutes in the Barclays Premier League so far this season. Morrison, who is currently on bail until the new year on assault charges, tweeted ahead of the move that his talent was going unnoticed in east London. last_img read more

Onazi, Etebo React to Eagles Home Win over Algeria

first_imgRio Olympics hero Etebo has now racked up a handful of full international caps and he said he has justified his recall to the country’s team. “I believe I grabbed my opportunity in the national team today,” he said.Share this:FacebookRedditTwitterPrintPinterestEmailWhatsAppSkypeLinkedInTumblrPocketTelegram Nigeria stars Ogenyi Onazi and Oghenekaro Etebo have expressed happiness with the Super Eagles 3-1 home win over Algeria in Uyo.Onazi insisted that the team are not preoccupied with leadership of their group as they hope to keep winning until they have landed in Russia. “We want to keep winning our games until we have qualified for the World Cup,” maintained the Turkey-based midfielder.Feirense of Portugal ace Etebo dedicated the big home win to the fans. “It was a good game and we thank God for the victory,” said the former Warri Wolves star. “This is to all the fans.”last_img read more