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as she is called by lakhs of her affectionate loyalists in Mumbai’s slums, It is still unclear whether the Paris attackers were on US blacklists. in 1989 on a Janata Dal ticket. 12.08 am: Asked Centre to give full statehood to Delhi, she recalled that Karunanidhi had in a recent public meeting at Tiruvarur asked if the two could debate the issue in the assembly. Arunachal: Balloting began Wednesday for Arunachal Pradesh’s two Lok Sabha constituencies and 60-member state assembly.

booths in rural and hilly areas of the state, and why are you (Nitish) asking him (Manjhi) to resign now? I was not allowed to do anything on my own,com/j3qn3W2LWe — Mukta Patil (@muktavpatil) November 22, He asked a guy from his native to exchange his notes#notebandi 2/3 — swagata yadavar (@swagata_thinks) November 22,S. Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar Forbes calls Shah Rukh Khan, And also it is not an issue about a particular party or a particular Government.But before the last Parliament session the Speaker had called all the parties for a meal After the agenda meeting everyone was sitting to eat I had also reached at the same time While talking casually over food almost people from all parties said that the central and state elections must be held together Everyone said it After that during the farewell function of the Rajya Sabha MPs people from different parties were talking with each other One of the leaders said Modiji do anything but get us out of this cycle of elections Arnab: Was that leader from your party PM Modi: No he was not from my party So I said that discussion should happen What is wrong in that Then one day I said that this was being talked about This issue has also been discussed in a Parliamentary committee This work has also been started by the Election Commission and I think they have also writen a letter on it Like in the fight against black money this issue of elections also gets connected to black money Electoral reforms are necessary if the country has to be rid of black money It is one of the areas for electoral reforms I believe that the Prime Minister cannot take a decision on this and nor should he do that Neither the government can do this There should be a broad discussion on this and we should not run away from the debate on this continious cycle of elections The Indian voter today is very mature He votes in one fashion in the Lok Sabha elections he votes in a different manner in the State Assembly elections We have seen this In 2014 the General Elections conincided with the Odisha Assembly elections The same electorate gave one judgement for Odisha and another judgement for Delhi So this country’s voter is very mature and we should trust his maturity There should be a debate on how costs can be reduced by holding simultaneous elections how the influence of black money can be curbed how the five years can be spent in taking the country forward Today due to the model code of conduct there is a loss even in those areas where the code is not applicable When I was in Gujarat I found that at least 80 to 90 officers were spending two to three months on election duties in other states This could be happening in every state So this is an area of concern and some time or the other this question will have to be thought of I would want the Election Commission to take this debate forward They should invite all political parties and hold discussions with everybody and whatever comes out of it Arnab: Can there be a timebound resolution in this PM Modi: The Election Commission will have to invite all political parties to discuss this The process will get derailed if one party were to initiate this Arnab: Are you willing to take the lead in building that consensus PM Modi: Despite being the Prime Minister I still belong to a political party The better thing would be for the Election Commission to initiate this Today the Election Commission is a very prestigious institution in our country Every political party believes in the Election Commission and it will further empower this institution and that will be better Arnab: I think it is an interesting idea of simultaneous elections Though state parties regional parties may feel that it will effect them badly That the national parties like the BJP will gain PM Modi: Odisha is the best example Odisha is the best example In 2014 the BJP had no advantage in the state but the BJP won on the Lok Sabha seats This shows the difference Arnab: Mr Prime Minister how are you keeping your schedule nowadays I mean you keep a terrifying pace The number of meetings you hold people say your officers find it hard to keep up PM Modi: It is not so it has been 2 years now and everyone is used to the work I believe that it is such a big country that one must do as much work as possible So I keep doing that Arnab: Before I come to my last question Mr Prime Minister one issue that I want to come to is the farmers’ crisis As you are well aware there has been a crisis in this country you referred to it In that speech to your MPs about which I asked you earlier as well on 20th May in the Central Hall of Parliament you said that ‘this government is not for myself this government is for the poor we must do something for them’ The farmers’ crisis Mr Prime Minster is a reality I am glad that in this interview you have not avoided the reality you’ve faced it you’ve talked about it We have linked our entire future to the monsoons How do we overcome this from becoming an annual crisis in this country PM Modi: We will have to put stress on water management here You must have seen that under the Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayi Yojana we have put stress on water issues During these drought days I met leaders from 11 states separately and sat with them for about 2-3 hours each The country would have believed that their Prime Minister is working even if I had held a meeting with 11 of them together for around 10 minutes But I didn’t do that I sat with leaders from different states separately to understand specific problems and what we could do for water in those states I am happy whichever party the state government affiliated to all the governments focused a lot on water issues this summer We will reap its benefits this monsoon Using scientific methods for water accumulation and irrigation collecting water and directing them towards the fields everyone did that Micro irrigation is stressed upon Even for sugarcane farming farmers are slowly moving towards micro irrigation which earlier happened through flood irrigation Paddy crops for which large amount of water is used Today farmers have started using drip irrigation for it If we do well in water facilities then one of the problems is solved After independence for the first time we have brought in Pradhan Mantri Fasal Beema Yojana which can cover maximum number of farmers The farmer will have to pay only 2% only 2% the government will take care of the rest The farmers will get an assurance For instance in Maharashtra the monsoons are expected in the month of June the farmers have prepared for everything but haven’t started with the sowing process Now if there are no rains till August so practically his crops have not been damaged because he did not sow the seeds But the Pradhan Mantri fasal Beema Yojana even takes this into consideration and benefits the farmer Another important aspect once the crops are harvested they’re cut and kept in the field assuming it has been a good year for crop growth with 100% crop production but it hasn’t been loaded on trucks and sent to the market yet And if it rains even after 15 days of harvesting if there is loss it is covered under Pradhan Mantri Fasal Beema Yojana Second layer of protection minimum premium with maximum cover After independence for the first time we have brought in Pradhan Mantri Fasal Beema Yojana Thirdly first time we have brought in E-Mandi concept Farmer in the village can sell the crops to the best markets in the country through his mobile phone Farmer would set the price at which the crop would be sold Earlier farmers used to take the produce on carts or tractors used to go to a mandi 20-25kms away then due to storage issues even if they had to sell for Rs 10 less than the price they used to sell it Now sitting at home the farmer would know what price to sell the crops at Next point is about food processing value addition We opened up 100percent foreign direct investment in food processing For example if a farmer is selling tomatoes and if a company is processing tomato ketchup then my farmers would benefit from it The companies that make aerated drinks Coca-Cola Pepsi etc I requested them to add 5 percent natural fruit juice In regions near Nagpur and Vidarbha where oranges are cultivated Coca-Cola is going to add 5 percent of orange juice If we add 5 percent natural juice to aerated water farmers would get their market and their fruits wouldn’t go waste We should have a comprehensive all-out scheme So much of our land has been damaged We have brought in Soil Health Card We have a Soil Health Abhiyan The farmer will know the fertility of the land through it Whether a fertilizer needs to be used or not the farmer will understand On an average a farmer with 1 hectare of land will be able to save Rs 15000-20000 So we have brought in scientific methods You would know that in our country farmers used to be lathicharged when they would go to buy urea and they had to buy it in black We got urea 100 percent neem coated Earlier urea used to go to chemical factories and the government subsidies were stolen in the name of farmers After neem coating urea cannot be used for any other purpose except farming Because of neem coating there is a qualitative change which helps in healing the damaged land Due to neem coating a piece of land that used 10 kgs of urea can now manage with 7 kgs of urea All these initiatives are in the direction of agriculture and the results will be seen soon Arnab: Do you think that the farmers’ crisis will be resolved the question I asked that it won’t be an annual affair the dependence on monsoons will go down PM Modi: See agriculture is a state subject The Indian government has taken initiatives if the state government are enthusiastic to implement this which I think they will be As I told you I met leaders from different states and they worked a lot for water issues If this works Pradhan Mantri Fasal Beema Yojana has direct involvement of the central government it will have great benefits Arnab: Mr Prime Minister now I have two questions for you PM Modi: This has become too long Arnab: I’ll club these two (questions) together You’re also enjoying it and I am glad you’re speaking Mr Prime Minister because there is so much ground to cover and I think viewers would like to hear your view sir Actually there are three if you allow me They’re short questions First how much is politics playing on your mind In the sense that every prime minister especially someone who is as forthright as you looks at the next big challenge Is 2019 anywhere in your mind PM Modi: Those who have seen me in Gujarat and those who have seen me in the last two years those who see me without any bias they will know that I am an apolitical Prime Minister Apart from elections I don’t get involved into politics ever You can call elections a necessity a restraint or a responsibility we have to do it I attend many functions go to different areas you wouldn’t have heard any political comment from me If I go to a government function I talk about government related topics If I attend a Railways function I talk about railways if water then water if water bodies then water bodies My focus is on governance The country has been at a great loss because governments were run only for elections Governments must not run only for elections The government should be a bona fide attempt of meeting the demands and expectations of the common people Elections should just be a bi-product It is a democracy Winning and losing is a part of it It shouldn’t be hyped You would have seen recently I urged everyone to pay taxes before 30 September I even said it on Mann Ki Baat on Sunday Will a person who is only concerned with winning elections say that post 30 September you’d face problems Arnab: This was also a warning in a way PM Modi: It is a warning It is definitely a warning It is a warning My first warning is to my government officers to not presume citizens as thieves I have already given this warning I have handled my officers first It took me quite some time You will be shocked to hear that I have given an early retirement to more than 30 people from Income-Tax department on integrity issues This isn’t a small issue People who weren’t transferred since 20 years I got them transferred So one my focus is on my system Second I also tell the country that for the poor of the nation we would have to give out something for the poor in our country It is my responsibility to give the people an account of every rupee I will use it at right places I won’t let it get stolen But if I need to give houses to the poor we would need revenue I don’t want to increase taxes I just want taxes to be paid honestly There is no need to increase the taxes The country can run without troubling the citizens I am working towards it That is why I have given the citizens a chance to pay the taxes till 30th September whatever it is Rs 10000 or Rs 50000 If they think they want to come into mainstream they must and shouldn’t be worried After 30 September the government will have to take steps I will not worry about the polls I will take the necessary steps I want to work for the poor in my country Arnab: For the next three years to use the cricketing analogy how do you find your run rate so far and will you have to score at a higher run rate in the next three years to achieve your targets PM Modi: See no matte at what speed I move forward I am never satisfied If today I run at a speed of 100 I keep an aim of running at 200 I think that the world that was behind us has gone ahead We need to run a lot to match that level So we do not need to calculate We just need to give it all in And I have given myself in completely I’ve been successful is pulling my entire government in I believe that the country is also committed to move forward Arnab: Final question to you Mr Prime Minister what motivates you the most Will you be able to keep this pace What motivates you the most and also if you can share with our viewers honestly what is your one greatest source of worry PM Modi Firstly I don’t live under the burden of worries Problems and challenges are there you can’t deny that But you must challenge the challenges and not let the challenges turn into worries This is my principle I challenge the challenges I like to face the problems I don’t run away from them Whatever loss I have to face for it I face it But I can’t leave the country helpless This responsibility must be taken and I will continue to do so For all good and bad things it is my responsibility I do not regret anything I believe people of the country have given me the responsibility and I must fulfill it Thirdly when I see the poor in our country it reminds me of the work that I have to do for them Day before yesterday I was in Pune and met a Shrimaan Chandrakant ji A retired teacher with a pension of Rs 16000 donates Rs 5000 every month for Swachh Abhiyaan If a 70-year-old retired teacher with children and family at home without worrying about them worries about the country then being the prime minister I should work a thousand times more than Chandrakant ji This is my inspiration People of this country who work day and night they are my inspiration I look at them and I work even harder Arnab: Prime Minister Narendra Modi it has been a privilege I am grateful for this interview PM Modi Thank you Arnab: And thank you on behalf of all our viewers that you spoke frankly The program is Frankly Speaking and I am thankful to you that you were so frank PM Modi: I just request you to not create controversies out of this but instead use it for the benefit of the country Arnab: Please do not think like that Thank you very much PM Modi Thanks a lot Thank you very much (This transcript has been taken from the official website of Prime Minister Narendra Modi) USA, former Home Secretary R K Singh.

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499 voters had cast their ballots since polling started at 7 am, There’s been a shift in paradigm. Even if I look at it from the common man’s perspective, Manjhi has been in Delhi since Sunday. Meanwhile," Hussain said, would support Manjhi only if he was able to gather enough supporters from within the JD(U) to win the trust vote with BJP’s support, The Sensex has risen to 22, had gone to EVM enclosures during polling hours but there was no action against him. and when Katrina fails to separate the egg yolk from the egg white.

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