Boeings jumbo nosedives

first_imgDevelopment has been delayed for more than a year, with the new rate dropping from 1.75 to 1.5 planes per month and expected to remain at these levels through 2015, a 25 percent decline from when production started in 2013, the Sydney Morning Herald reported. For the second time this year, Boeing has slowed down the production of its biggest and most well-known model ever, the 747-8 jumbo jet. With the release of its new Boeing 777X in November, Boeing could cannibalise and further jeaopardise sales for its jumbo jet, with the new aircraft’s dual-engine and 400 passenger capacity eliminating the need for the 747-8. Although the famous jumbo jet hasn’t gained any new sales this year, with Korean Air Lines failing to complete its order of five passenger jumbo jets in June, Boeing is in “active” negotiations with several prospective buyers and looking forward to a rebound in the cargo market for 2014, potentially igniting interest in a freighter version.center_img Boeing currently allows customers to trade in older jumbo jets in an effort to boost sales for the latest version of the jumbo jet, although this remains difficult to achieve as more airlines choose to refrain from expensive, four-engine aircraft. Source = ETB News: L.B.last_img

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