Sensitising people about the plight of orphans and spastic children

first_imgArambagh Puja is known for its uniqueness, creativity and social responsibility in celebration. This year Arambagh Puja will try to create awareness about the plight of orphans and spastic children India.Taking inspiration from the great painting of Rabanindranath Tagore’s ‘Bharat Mata’ from 1935 – Arambagh Puja samiti will make a replica of 40 ft tall Bharat Mata along with children both in her sides cohabiting with skyscrapers. Even after seventy years of independence of India, the plight of the orphans and spastic children has not changed. India is developing hi-rise buildings, and this has caught up everyone’s attention. But there is a section of orphan children, whom as a country we have failed miserably. According to statistics presented to the Supreme Court in a PIL filed in 2011 which estimates the figure to be closer to 11 million, 90% of the girls and three children out of 1000 in India suffer from this disorder. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfOrphans and the spastic children are the most neglected and probably abused children in our society as there is no proper mechanism to provide them security and a good life.Abhijit Bose, Executive Chairman, Arambagh Puja said, “Apart from a few NGOs, social organisations and government programs, there is little awareness about the orphans and spastic children in India. This is a section for which you would hardly find any voice. Through this year’s Durga Puja we would like to sensitise people, government and private bodies about the issue that this is a crucial issue which is a reality in India. We have to first admit it as a serious issue and then act accordingly to solve the problem.””At Arambagh Puja we get every year a great footfall and thought of using this as a platform to sensitise people about the plight of orphans. We have invited various NGOs who are working at the grassroots for these children without any govt aid and will try to help them as much as possible,” Bose added.last_img

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