Kingdom Hearts Board Game Is Vital Canon

first_imgStay on target Watch: ‘Kingdom Hearts III’ Is A Game To Play Before You DieGeeksplainer: ‘Kingdom Hearts’ After a lifetime of spin-offs and fan fiction, the Kingdom Hearts franchise sort of reached some kind of ending last month with the long-awaited release of Kingdom Hearts III. Sora and his incidental Disney and Final Fantasy friends got some kind of closure. I can’t explain how it happened, but it seems like it did happen. Millions of people bought the game so they better have gotten some kind of relief from it.But just because the dozen games in the Kingdom Hearts “trilogy” have wrapped up there are still plenty of anime Disney animation tales left to tell, and new forms in which to tell them. A Kingdom Hearts board game is now on the way, and knowing Nomura, you’ll probably have to play it to fully understand Kingdom Hearts 4.Like a lot of #brand board games this Kingdom Hearts tabletop game from The OP is actually a reskin of a previous product. Talisman: Kingdom Hearts Edition is based on the original Talisman, a classic role-playing game about going on magical quests. But what is Kingdom Hearts if not a new skin on classic action role-playing mechanics and the idea of going on a magical quest? It’s a simple and clean, perfect fit.Kingdom Hearts’ sheer presence though will drastically change this version of the game compared to other Talisman releases. For starters, you can be Mickey Mouse in the game, which honestly already kind of makes it better than the Kingdom Hearts video games. 2-6 players team up as characters like Sora, Kairi, Riku, and Goofy to fight Heartless and drive away darkness with love in beloved locales like Neverland and Traverse City. There’s even some kind of Gummi Ship mechanic, which again has to be better here than in the video games.Unlike Kingdom Hearts III, Talisman: Kingdom Hearts Edition seems to be on a quick and healthy development pace. Expect to play it later this year in North America and Europe. For more on tabletop gaming check out these new board games based on Star Wars and Metal Gear Solid as well as our picks for the best board games and best two-player board games.last_img

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