Toy Tuesday The Craziest and Coolest Batman Toys

first_imgIf any superhero is defined by his toys, it’s Batman. Absent the massive wealth inherited from his family, could Bruce Wayne have put together the arsenal of gadgets and gizmos he uses to non-fatally injure the mentally ill? It’s hard to say. We wanted to kick off this weekly roundup of must-have toys with Batman, so read on for some serious – and silly – collectibles and playthings.Batman: The Animated Series 6″ FigureThe maniacs at Mondo are notorious for their deep attention to geek culture detail, and their exclusive Batman 6″ action figure – modeled after the classic animated series – is one of the nicest toys we’ve ever seen. 30 points of articulation means you can pose this puppy in hundreds of different ways, and when you throw in multiple switchable hands and heads as well it gets even wilder. Finish it off with a few key items of Bat-gear like grappling gun and Batarang and you’re set to avenge the murder of your parents.$125.00, buy it at Mondo.Square Enix Steampunk BatmanSuperhero action figures have always depended on “alternate costumes” to fill up store shelves – after all, how many basic Batmen can one kid have? Back in the day, you used to be able to get special figures for snow patroling, fire, outer space, fighting ninjas, what have you. Square Enix proudly carried this tradition forward with their line of variant figures for Arkham Knight, with our pick being this absurdly over-the-top steampunk version. Just look at this dude! He’s covered in like gears and clocks, and he’s got a dang crossbow and everything.$79.99, buy it on Amazon.World’s Finest Batman and Superman Q-FigThe relationship between Gotham’s greatest detective and the Man of Steel is a fraught one – sometimes they’re allies, sometimes they’re enemies. This ridiculous diorama from QMx depicts the duo as Superman flies Batman through the clouds. One of them is loving it and the other is less than impressed by the whole experience. There’s just something so gleefully absurd about the whole situation that it deserves a spot on this roundup.$29.99, buy it on ThinkGeek.Hot Wheels Batmobile BundleIf you’re as into the many vehicles of Batman as we are, this exclusive Hot Wheels set will make a great addition to your desk or display case. Six individual vehicles reproduced in die-cast metal include the original Adam West Batmobile, the stretched-out Burton version, plus a bunch from the Nolan movies. Hot Wheels have always been made with surprisingly high quality for such inexpensive toys, and these whips are no exception.$12.30, buy it on Amazon.Fisher-Price Batbot ExtremeWhy exactly hasn’t Batman just made a bunch of giant robots to fight crime instead of going out and doing it himself? Dude can certainly afford it. Fisher-Price’s Imaginext line leans in heavily to the idea of Bruce Wayne as mecha pilot with this two-foot tall monstrosity that comes with shoulder-mounted Bat-missile launchers, rocket fists in classic fashion, a voice changer and a hidden elevator to bring the tiny Batman figure (included) up to the control center.$65.97, buy it on Amazon.ArtFX Joker FigureBatman’s greatest enemy has been through many transformations over the course of his criminal career, from wacky funster to murderous psychopath and back again. This exquisitely detailed statue from Kotobukiya and ArtFX presents him in his Grant Morrison-designed recent look, with a slicked-back flashy haircut and a nice suit. Standing just over seven inches tall, the statue features a magnetically reinforced display base to keep him upright despite his dramatic pose.$46.50, buy it on Amazon.Bat-Grapnel ReplicaBeing able to descend on criminals from above is a key part of Batman’s battle strategy, so having a grapple gun is essential. This replica made by Dochsa is an exact duplicate of the one used in the video games with one key exception: the included rope only shoots out a couple of feet, so you’re not going to be able to use it to scale any skyscrapers. That said, it’s a seriously badass looking piece of kit that features motorized line retraction and other cool features.$65.95, buy it on Amazon.Life Size Arkham KnightAction figures come at all kinds of scales, from the classic 3.75 inch Star Wars to old-school 12 inch GI Joes, but if you really want to go big, there’s only one choice: life size. NECA’s Arkham Knight foam figure is as big as Batman himself, weighing in at 6 feet 2 inches tall of painted rubber and latex with a real cloth cape. The model for this was created from the same 3D renderings that the game used. What can you expect to pay for all this detail? A cool $3,800. And for that stack of cash, you still have to assemble him when he arrives in two boxes.$3,800, buy it on Amazon.1/6 Scale Tumbler BatmobileThe Christopher Nolan Batman movies are notable for a few things, but one is how much military badassitude it lent to Bruce Wayne’s expensive toys. Gone was the Art Deco slickness of the Burton ride, or the funky muscle car of the TV show. Instead, we got the Tumbler, an armored behemoth capable of flipping over and still pursuing evildoers. This insane Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece reproduction weighs in at a staggering 29 pounds of twisted steel and sex appeal, boasting movie-accurate styling and tons of moving parts. It’s pricey, but this baby will be the centerpiece of your collection.$1395.45, buy it on Amazon.LEGO Batman Ultimate BatmobileI hold the somewhat controversial opinion that LEGO Batman is the best modern Batman movie – but then I love the wild chaos of the DC’s Silver Age, where heroes and villains exist in a wild and ludicrous universe of giant pennies and space aliens. They probably couldn’t do that in live action, but LEGOs? Let’s go. Of course, there are tons of tie-in toys, but we dig the Batmobile they released with fold-out panels, stud shooters, a light-up Batsignal and eight minifigs (including two flying monkeys from The Wizard Of Oz because that’s just how this thing rolls).$139.95, buy it on Amazon.Medicom Sofubi BatmanIf you’re on the market for something a bit cuddlier, Medicom’s Sofubi-style Batman might be right up your alley. Modeled after a popular Japanese style of “action figure” prevalent through the 60s and early 70s, these soft vinyl figures with oversized heads used to be dominated by sentai heroes and giant monsters, but recently the company has been looking West for inspiration. There’s something both cheerful and unsettling about seeing the Dark Knight in this form. Five points of articulation make Sof’ Bats not the most poseable figure in your collection, but you can’t have everything.$79.95, buy it on Amazon.Get plenty more Bruce with the latest DCEU new roundup. Rewatch the Titans trailer and let that “Eff Batman,” sink in. Play the best game in Telltale franchise history, Batman: The Enemy Within. Stay up to date with all Batman news here.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img

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