Unboxing the First ThinkGeek Capsule Box

first_imgStay on target The Best Wonder Wharf Prizes for Bob’s Burgers FansOpen The Nick Box from CultureFly, Get Amazing Hat Another big geek collectible company has jumped on the subscription box bandwagon first driven forward by Loot Crate, and frankly, I’m amazed they’ve taken so long. ThinkGeek, the venerable purveyor of both in-house-designed and third-party geek collectibles, clothes, and gadgets, has launched its own subscription box: the ThinkGeek Capsule. ThinkGeek sent us the first ThinkGeek Capsule, and we’re impressed by what it has to offer.The ThinkGeek Capsule is a bit more expensive than the standard Loot Crate at $29.99 including shipping compared to $21.99. However, if the first ThinkGeek Capsule’s contents are any indication, it offers more items and is comparable to Loot Crate’s bigger, gaming-focused Loot Gaming crate, which is $31.95 monthly including shipping. ThinkGeek says every Capsule has a value of at least $50 while Loot Crate and Loot Gaming have respective values of $45 and $60. Of course, whether or not what’s in the crate is actually worth that much is in the eye of the beholder, considering how much licensed items can get marked up or price slashed for clearance at any given time.Here’s what came in the first ThinkGeek Capsule, which is already sold out (Capsule #2 is already coming, and available if you subscribe now).center_img Let’s start with not one, but two wearable items: a The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild t-shirt and a pair of Harry Potter socks. The t-shirt is soft and tagless, with a picture of Link on the front. The art of Link is actually identical to a t-shirt included in the WILD Loot Gaming crate from February, but a white paintbrush-like background was added, and the shirt is a darker gray. The Harry Potter socks are gray and burgundy, marking you as a Hogwarts alumnus with a surprisingly low-key design.Fallout is pretty great even if buying Fallout 4 at full price again just for VR seems horrible, and the biggest item in the ThinkGeek Capsule is Fallout-themed. It’s a power armor helmet coin bank, about the size of a cube-shaped tissue box and made of plastic. There aren’t any fancy gimmicks to it, but it looks nice and comes in a great box.This aluminum cup isn’t specifically branded with anything. It’s just a neat unicorn design and comes in seven different colors, in a blind box. We got a red one.The Capsule also comes with not one but two enameled pins. One is ThinkGeek mascot Timmy the Monkey, while the other is a blind pick of fantasy-themed pins. We got a potion in vaporwave colors of pink and purple. It’s not clear if the Timmy pin is the first of a line of monthly pins like Loot Crate’s pins, or is unique to the first Capsule.If all that isn’t enough, here’s a deck of Goonies playing cards. I don’t have anything to add because I ‘ve never actually watched The Goonies all the way through, so feel free to yell at me in the comments.This last item is downright intriguing. It’s a blind value gift card for ThinkGeek, worth $5 to $100 (ours was worth $5). You scratch off the metallic strip on the back, enter the code on ThinkGeek’s site, and it tells you how much store credit it’s worth. It’s a pretty neat idea that makes sense considering ThinkGeek was an online store long before they launched the ThinkGeek Capsule, though it isn’t clear if this will be a monthly item in the box or is only for the first one.That’s the first ThinkGeek Capsule, and it’s pretty solid. The items are easily worth the $30 price tag, even if only half of them personally hit for you. This is a promising new box that, considering ThinkGeek’s creativity and clout, could go head-to-head with Loot Crate in a way other subscription boxes haven’t managed. We’ll see how future Capsules measure up.last_img

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