Stranger Things cast at NYCC

first_imgStay on target Stranger Things oozes nostalgia. From the synth soundtrack and endless 80s references to casting iconic actors of the decade like Winona Ryder and Matthew Modine, the show broke new binge-watching records for Netflix because it let us bask in a perfectly familiar slice of throwback pop culture with a generous helping of sci-fi conspiracy.Before the actors even took the stage at New York Comic-Con’s Stranger Things panel, a cosplay parade around Hall 1-D showed just how dedicated a following the streaming show has amassed in a few short months. Of the two-dozen or so attendees in full 80s regalia that did a quick march around the auditorium, there were a lot of Eleven’s of course—decked out in those signature pink and white collared sundresses sporting blonde wigs, some with bloody noses for good measure—a lot of Dustin hats, and a few Sheriff Hoppers.Oh, and one sad Barb wearing plaid.Once the cosplayers took their seats, Actors Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven) and David Harbour (Sheriff Hopper) took the stage. Brown walked onstage bubbly and excited to actually talk, unlike her telekinetic character, chatting a mile a minute throughout the panel in her bubbly British accent about how much fun Stranger Things was to make. Harbour showing up looking very much like his character: a few minutes late, slightly disheveled, and guzzling coffee with affable, sarcastic charm.In a panel moderated by Vulture and critic Matt Zoller Seitz, Brown and Harbour talked living in the 80s on set, shared a few choice behind-the-scenes stories, and gave a few cryptic clues about season two.On 80s memories and culture shock…Brown: It was really nice having Winona [Ryder] and David and Matthew Modine to help transform into the 80s. At first, I was like, “Why don’t we just call Will on the phone?!” Then David said, “No Millie, we didn’t have phones!”For me, the biggest thing was no internet. I can’t go on Snapchat? I can’t go on Instagram? What is happening??Harbour: The biggest thing for me was the telephone in the wall in the kitchen with the cord. The cord was so long and janky. My mom would be on the phone all the time when I was a kid and would pull it across the room, and you’d trip on it. Oh and all the games on the wall, like Connect Four and Simon Sez.It was a different time. When I was a kid, Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video came out on MTV and it was the extended version with Vincent Price. All my friends gathered around the TV, we waited for an hour, and then it came on and blew our minds. That kind of event television doesn’t happen anymore.Brown: I can relate. That’s how I feel about The Vampire Diaries.On shooting with the Demigorgon and in the Upside Down…Harbour: In the show it’s amazing and beautiful, but on the actual set it’s really silly. There’s a bunch of purple piping that looks really fake and it pulsates, so it kind of feels like you’re in a haunted house. For the spores, there’s a dude with a big ‘ol pillowcase full of dandelions and a big fan. So you’re walking down the hall and then this guy is just standing there blowing dandelions at you.Brown: The demigorgon is a guy in a suit. His name is Mark.He has a lot of green dots on him, and he can’t hear when he has the costume on. Do we were doing this scene where I’m in the upside down and have to go up and touch him, and he’s eating this egg. So in the first take when I touched him, he couldn’t feel it, and so he just went on eating the egg.Harbour: I would see the monster between scenes. I just saw him strapped up with a ton of fans blowing into his armpits in this big suit. It was the least scary thing I’ve ever seen.On Season Two…Harbour: We end season one with Hopper basically selling Eleven out. Not that he doesn’t know how she’s capable of destroying groups of people or anything, but he does give her up to go into the upside down to save Will. Children are a very difficult thing for him.I’m not giving away anything! But if Eleven should emerge, there’s a lot to get into there. It would be a rich emotional arc I’d love to explore.Brown: We did get the first couple scripts, and the arc is insane.On taking the character home with you…Harbour:  I do carry home. I don’t do the Jared Leto stuff like sending dead pigs to people, but I have a good brand of method to what I do. I like the experience to be authentic and personal, but that can’t happen unless I carry it around a little bit. We shot in Atlanta, which…is an easy place to be sad and lonely. I would just go home and sit in my apartment and smoke cigarettes and dread the days.People ask me about working with the kids, and the first big day I had with them was in the school in that scene where I tell them not to go looking for Will. The “Is that clear” scene. I remember telling them on set to get my chair away from them. I don’t want to talk to them. I wanted to preserve that feeling of intimidation that dissolves by the end of the season, but at the time they kind of thought I was this angry weird dude.On the actors, Harbour modeled his performance after…Harbour: Hopper is this angry guy, but he’s also sarcastic. He’s funny. He doesn’t give a shit. I love that dimension to the character. I thought about so many of those guys in the late 70s and early 80s who taught me what it was like to struggle with masculinity; that hardness and softness. Jack Nicholson in Five Easy Pieces was one. The swashbuckling element with Harrison Ford and Indiana Jones. Gene Hackman, Roy Schneider, Nick Nolte…the guys who were less put together, less handsome; more beat-up.On Dungeons & Dragons…Harbour: I was a big D&D guy. Cleric for life. I’m a holy warrior of light. A book in one hand and a big mace in the other.Brown: The boys played all the time, but I never did. I don’t understand it. Can I relate D&D to like…Pokemon? Everyone’s all about the 80s, but sometimes you just need to be present. It’s 2016, and we play Pokemon Go.On whether Brown actually likes Eggos…Brown: Okay. I’ve gone to many Comic-Con’s and I’ve stated the facts. I like them. I do. But I do not like how many I eat. That amount is actually really hard to digest. It tastes nice, but not like 15 times.On the Steve/Nancy/Jonathan love triangle…Harbour: It’s the love triangle of the season. I felt torn. The angsty James Dean type, the popular football kid, they were so three-dimensional. Steve ends up being a really good guy…getting Jonathan a new camera, and Jonathan can sometimes be kind of a jerk. He doesn’t always treat Nancy nicely either. There will be more of that in seasons to come.Brown: I’m okay with “Stancy.” Imagine if Barb came back and started dating Jonathan? That would be so good.On justice for Barb…Harbour: The Barb thing caught us totally by surprise. But she has this iconic look. The haircut. The mom jeans. The whole thing is so GREAT. I think the response to her character is well-deserved.Brown: Barb had that great look (tilts head and purses lips).Harbour: We do deal with loose ends in Season 2, and we deal with some of the internet rage over Barb’s death. We will have justice for Barb in some sense, but those of you wishing Barb magically comes back to life on the show, I can assure you Barb is very much dead. 11 Best Monsters Made From Dead People PartsOriginal ‘Stranger Things’ Plan May Confirm Will Byers’ Sexuality last_img

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