Samsungs latest smart thing is a belt

first_imgWELT comes in a variety of colors and styles, and it’s actually priced about the same as a “dumb” belt from Coach, Armani, or Hugo Boss. You can pledge $99 and secure the WELT Casual and it will ship to you in January — assuming things go according to plan. Samsung’s working on a new wearable, and it can do something none of their smartwatches or fitness bands can do. It can keep your pants from falling down.Yes, fellow geeks, Samsung is preparing to expand their wearable offerings by introducing a smart belt. Rather than simply packaging it up as something like the Samsung Gear Belt and shipping it off, though, they’re running a crowdfunding campaign for it as a separate company. That company’s name is WELT, and an according to Samsung it’s a contraction of the words wellness and belt.So, why a fitness-tracking belt? Not everybody wants to wear a bulky smartwatch on their wrists, and not everyone wants to slap on a fitness band with limited functionality either. Hiding those functions in something you need to wear anyway — like in the buckle of a belt — clearly makes sense to a good number of people. WELT has already attracted more than 450 backers.There’s another reason that these folks might want a tracker built into a belt: it can keep tabs on their waistlines, which is something that no smartwatch, band, pendant, or phone can do. A magnetic sensor can track your waist in real time — which might seem a bit silly, but it does allow WELT to keep tabs on your eating habits.Not only can WELT tell when you’ve been overindulging, but it can else tell when you’re in need of a movement break. Sit for too long, and the companion app will remind you to get up and stretch your legs.last_img

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