Sony hints at PS4 supporting 4K movie playback

first_imgWhen the PlayStation 4 launches later this year gamers should expect 1080p games as standard. But when it comes to video content, it looks likely Sony will be offering you the option of 4K.Sony held an event in New York City recently where they were primarily showing off new cameras, headphones, TVs, and the Xperia Z Tablet. The Japanese company is embracing 4K TVs, and during an interview with The Verge at the event, Sony Electronics’ President and COO Phil Molyneux suggested that the PS4 will indeed support outputting such content to a compatible TV.Molyneux also said that Sony sees 4K content as primarily being download only, but that’s simply due to the sizes involved. A typical 4K movie will be over 100GB, making it difficult to fit on a disc without some major compression going on, but possible as a download even if it takes hours.The PS4 supporting 4K playback and downloads doesn’t mean the new console is going to have a massive hard drive, though. Sony has a 4K download service and home server box launching this summer, and its likely you will need to use that box to store the content and then just stream it through your PS4, or use some other storage device attached to the console. It could be Sony release a PS4 external storage device specifically for this purpose.Regardless of whether the PS4 supports 4K content or not, the biggest hurdle for consumers enjoying it will be investing in a 4K TV. Just like when HDTVs first appeared, they won’t be cheap, and will remain that way well into the life of the PS4.last_img

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