Mark Zuckerberg now worth 18 billion Facebook 70 billion

first_imgThe valuations for Facebook and its founder Mark Zuckerberg are going beyond the ridiculous. Many scoffed when $50 billion was touted on the last shares sale to Goldman Sachs in January, but this week that valuation managed to go up again, and with it the on paper fortune of Zuckerberg.The reason for the $20 billion jump from six months ago is new investment from GSV Capital. That investment group has just bought 225,000 shares at a price of $29.28 per share for a total spend of $6,587,500. If you add that up for all of Facebook’s stock you get the $70 billion figure.AdChoices广告As Zuckerberg is the major shareholder in Facebook his value has gone up significantly too, and now stands at around $18 billion. However, this is all on paper and not the amount he has in the bank. Still, if he were to recoup that amount by selling all his shares, Zuckerberg would slot into third among on the list of richest tech guys. Bill Gates ($56 billion) still tops the chart, Oracle’s Larry Ellison ($39.5 billion) comes in second. $18 billion also means Zuckerberg jumps past Google’s Page and Brin ($17 billion).Zuckerberg still has a long way to go to unseat Bill Gates, but he seems to be the person most capable of doing so. Remember, he’s only 27 and Facebook is still a very young company. We also have to consider what Zuckerberg will do after Facebook. Is the social network going to be his only success, or does he have a few more ideas that will net him billions more? It’s clear he has the links, entrepreneurial skills, and eventually the cash to do whatever he wants. Getting friendly with the U.S. President doesn’t hurt either.We won’t know the true value of Facebook until it goes public, but I doubt we’ll be waiting long for that to happen. With more investors coming on board, hundreds of millions of people logging in every day, and the recent success of the LinkedIn IPO, Facebook is bound to announce their intention to IPO soon.Read more at Forbeslast_img

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