Bing searches nab 30 of all US web search in March

first_imgIf you’re still of the mindset that Google is beyond reproach when it comes to Web search, think again. According to Experian Hitwise, Microsoft’s Bing managed to pick up over 30% of all web searches in the United States last month, a 5% boost in search share from the previous month. Google’s spot at the top isn’t in danger though – the search giant held on to 64.42%, far and away the top spot, but Bing and Yahoo! (which uses Bing for search results) combined are making a dent in Google’s numbers.The important thing to note here is that the result of the study says of all US web searches in March, 30.01% were performed by Bing – so those numbers include Yahoo! users and Bing users. Yahoo! signed a 10-year agreement with Microsoft to allow Bing to power searches performed at Yahoo! back in 2009. If you break down the numbers based on the sites where the searches were performed, is back in third with 14.32% of all searches, right behind Yahoo! with 15.69%.AdChoices广告Both numbers pale in comparison to Google’s 64.42%, but when you realize that Bing’s database is behind both contenders, they represent a serious challenge to Google’s dominance, especially when you see that Hitwise’s numbers indicate Google is losing search share while Bing-powered searches are up 5%.The fact that Hitwise goes on to point out that more people searching at Yahoo! or Bing are actually finding the web sites they want to visit on the first search than people searching at Google, doesn’t make the picture any brighter. The study shows that searches at Yahoo! result in a visit directly to a web page 81.14% of the time, searches at Bing result in a visit to a web site 80.32% of the time (slightly down from the previous month,) and searches at Google result in a visit only 65.91% of the time.Interpreting those numbers is difficult, however, as it would seem that people are finding what they’re looking for on the first try using a Bing-powered search at and, but its just as likely that people are searching for specific websites and then click on the site URL when it is inevitably the first search result, while searches at Google could be for other purposes or for other types of information.Combine that possibility with the fact that Hitwise reports that multi-word search queries are either stagnating or declining, and that single-word searches are up, and you may have people using search engines as URL bars, not necessarily as research tools. Regardless, the one thing that’s clear is that Bing searches are growing in influence, and Microsoft’s upstart search engine is here to stay.Read more at Hitwiselast_img

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