Major concern in Twin Towns over by-pass proposals

first_img News, Sport and Obituaries on Monday May 24th Previous article46 people awaiting beds at LUHNext article13 Garda recruits due in Donegal reassigned to Galway News Highland Loganair’s new Derry – Liverpool air service takes off from CODA RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Twitter Pinterest Pinterest WhatsApp WhatsApp Facebook Google+ Facebookcenter_img By News Highland – November 22, 2018 Major concern in Twin Towns over by-pass proposals Twitter The Ballybofey & Stranorlar Chamber of Commerce has expressed shock and concern at the financial impact that the proposed Sligo to Letterkenny TEN-T route corridor will have on the Twin Towns.The Chamber has calculated that the proposed TEN-T route corridor will result in lost revenues of approx. €10m per annum and that this will result in the loss of up to 200 jobs locally. It will also have a knock on impact for many local service providers.In a statement the spokesperson for the Chamber, Mr Charlie Ferry, commented that “the Chamber is appalled that no consideration has been given to connecting Ballybofey & Stranorlar to the proposed TEN-T route. The lack of a proper connecting route into the towns has the potential to destroy the Twin Towns”.“We have consulted widely with our members – all of them are expecting a significant drop in turnover with those in the Hospitality sector expecting a drop of up to 25% if the TEN-T route corridor proceeds as planned. Ballybofey and Stranorlar are effectively service towns – shops, hotels and other catering outlets. These are all highly dependent on passing trade and cross border trade. The Hospitality sector provides 30% of the jobs in the Twin Towns whereas the figure nationally is 10%. Many of the 34 businesses operating in this sector in the Twin Towns are of the view that they will be forced to shut down if the route corridor proceeds as planned. Many permanent jobs will be lost and part time and seasonal employment will be seriously impacted. Reduced spending by businesses will have an impact across the whole community – service providers such as tradesmen, cleaners, professional services and others will be directly impacted. We believe that the impact of a Hard Brexit will be nothing compared to the impact that the proposed TEN-T route corridor will have. If it goes ahead as planned it will turn Ballybofey and Stranorlar into Ghost Towns similar to what you would see in Mid-West America”.Mr Ferry added that “it is normal that consideration would be given to towns that are being bypassed so that the impact of the bypass would be minimised. Bypassed towns are generally visible from the bypass and connecting routes are provided from the heart of the bypass to the towns so that the towns are easily accessible. The most shocking sign of the total lack of consideration for the Twin Towns is there isn’t one new access road being built which would link the TEN-T route corridor with the heart of the towns. It is the minimum that anyone would expect. Instead, we are being told that access to the towns will be via the existing routes which are not fit for purpose and will not be or cant be upgraded”.According to Mr Ferry “members of the Chamber fully recognise that a route corridor or bypass has the potential to be a good thing for the towns. It could take heavy lorries and non-stopping traffic away from the towns and free up the roads for people who work, shop and do business here. However, the proposed TEN-T route corridor will only divert a fraction of the heavy traffic away from the Twin Towns. Worse than that is the fact that there is no access road into Twin Towns from the proposed TEN-T route corridor so passing traffic will soon forget about the Twin Towns”. Mr Ferry added that “motorists won’t come into the Twin Towns if they see a sign post for the town centre of 6KM if they are coming from the Letterkenny direction and 4KM if they are coming from the Donegal Town direction. They will just continue on their journey. If they do decide to take either route into the towns they will still be faced with all the usual traffic congestion as the current proposals are not dealing in any way with the traffic congestion issues that currently exist”.The Chamber is calling on all relevant parties to go back to the drawing board to come up with a traffic management solution that will give proper consideration to the towns of Ballybofey and Stranorlar. Homepage BannerNews Google+ Important message for people attending LUH’s INR clinic Arranmore progress and potential flagged as population grows DL Debate – 24/05/21 Nine til Noon Show – Listen back to Monday’s Programmelast_img read more

Seasonal lipid contents of Antarctic microarthropods

first_imgA technique for the accurate determination of lipid content of very small quantities of biological tissue was applied to two Antarctic oribatid mites,Alaskozetes antarcticus andHalozetes belgicae, and a collembolan,Cryptopygus antarcticus. Analysis of monthly samples of the three species, collected between November 1989 and March 1991, revealed little evidence of any seasonal pattern of lipid deposition or use. MaleAlaskozetes were the only exception, showing very low lipid levels for a short period of the austral summer, followed by rapid deposition before the onset of winter. Mean lipid contents of the three species over the study period were 10–15% of mean dry weight. There was evidence of a seasonal pattern of egg formation and oviposition in bothAlaskozetes andHalozetes, but this was not reflected in the observed lipid levels. Feeding activity was mostly restricted to the summer months (November–March); a temporary resumption of feeding in winter (late August 1990) was followed by an increase in lipid content in both sexes ofAlaskozetes.last_img read more

Dave Chappelle Bumps The First Night Of Electric Beethoven’s Two-Night NYC Run

first_imgAfter wrapping up a tremendous performance at Brooklyn Comes Alive, the new and exciting project Electric Beethoven was set to cross the East River and play two nights in Manhattan, NY. As their album focused on the 3rd and 6th Symphonies by Ludwig van Beethoven, the band was set to perform one symphony per each night of the two-night run, with sets scheduled at The Cutting Room on October 25th and DROM on October 26th.However, it seems some last minute plans forced The Cutting Room to pull the rug out from Mr. Beethoven. The venue booked three performances by comedian Dave Chappelle this week, resulting in a cancelled Electric Beethoven performance. The Chappelle shows sold out within minutes, as fans have been eager to catch the comedian in his return to show business.To make up for the cancellation, Reed Mathis and co. have promised to play for at least four hours on Wednesday, treating those who can attend to a whirlwind spectacle of Beethoven, electrified. Tickets for that DROM performance are still on sale now, and can be found here.If you purchased tickets for this show through The Cutting Room’s website (via Ticketfly), you should have already been notified about a refund. If you purchased tickets for the cancelled show or a two-day pass through Live For Live Music (via Eventbrite), you will be contacted with information regarding the refund as well. If there are any issues, please contact [email protected]last_img read more

3 Perfect “Fusions” You Can Enjoy in Lexington and Rockbridge County, VA

first_img Do you want a small-town pace with big-city plates? The slower pace of small-town America is the perfectrespite from today’s high paced society. However, vacationers often believethey must forego other amenities in lieu of the slower pace – namely variedfood options. Craft beer, specialty cocktails, local wine, made-from-scratchdesserts and regional Southern fare brim from table to table in any flavor youcould imagine. Cozy basement wine sippings around the fireplace at TAPS make for the perfect start or end to your evening. Steaks, seafood and live jazz are the specialties at Haywood’s. Dinner and drinks on the breezy terrace at Rocca Bar + Ristorante overlooking Main Street and Halcyon Days Cider Co. and apple orchard labyrinth with incomparable views of the Blue Ridge Mountains are only a few of the come-as-you-are food experiences that should top your list. Looking for deep history and an energizing community? Few places are morealive than a college campus and the surrounding community. But when that youngcollegiate energy radiates alongside deep roots of history, the result ispractically magical. Fusion #3: History + Innovation And before you think finding outdoor adventure means you’ll have to sleep in a tent hidden away in the woods, you may want to take a look at the plentiful lodging options available in the area. From historic hotels, inns and B&Bs, cabin and vacation home rentals to robust campground sites and RV parks, you’ll find the perfect place to rest your head. Relive history as you meander the grounds of Wade’s Mill, a 1750s working grist mill, and Cyrus McCormick Farm, then take a state-of-the-art brewery and packaging plant tour at Devils Backbone Outpost Tap Room & Kitchen, a self-guided tour at Lexington Coffee Roasters (one of the nation’s top 12 coffee roasters) or visit the Sheridan Livery to try the wine-on-tap bar, the first of its kind in the Shenandoah Valley. Fusion #1: Small-Town Pace + Foodie Haven Go ahead…find the outdoor adventure you’ve been seeking. And then perhaps you may want to top it off with a stay at the historic and luxurious The Georges hotel in downtown Lexington or Forest Oaks in Natural Bridge. Whether enjoying thenatural outdoor beauty, the deep history or the unique pulse of culture inLexington, Buena Vista and Rockbridge County, the enjoyment of one experienceis heightened, in part, because of the existence of the others. Do you like outdoor adventure and luxury lodging? Outdoor enthusiasts will delight in the variety of adventures awaiting them here in Rockbridge County, VA. Bike on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Hike lush green mountain ridges of the Appalachian Trail. Paddle along the tranquil Upper James River Water Trail or fish the plentiful streams and rivers throughout the valley. Explore the karst landscape in Natural Bridge State Park and the Caverns of Natural Bridge and Devil’s Marbleyard. Learn more at lexingtonvirginia.com. The fortress-like presence of Virginia Military Institute serves as the sentry of Lexington, amicably giving way just beyond to the red brick sidewalks and quaint shops that speak of days gone by. Fusion #2: Outdoor Adventure + Excellent Lodging Choices But in Lexington, VA and surrounding areas, foodies need not worry. With a storied list of sweet and savory bites, any pallet will be fully satisfied. Chefs take inspiration from what’s local and fresh, filling your plate with produce plucked that morning by local farmers, steak raised down the road at Buffalo Creek Farm and in-house creations you’ll find nowhere else. last_img read more

Men, Money & Sex.

first_img Share Share Share Sharing is caring! LifestyleRelationships Men, Money & Sex. by: – July 1, 2011center_img Tweet 60 Views   no discussions Is Going to a Strip Club Cheating?Our friend “Linda” recently came to us with an issue she and her husband were having.  Initially she said it was a dispute about money and she wanted our Fab & Fru financial opinion. But as she spoke, it became clear once again just how often finances and feelings get intertwined … and gave a whole new meaning to the term Mad Money!Mad Money and MarriageLike a lot of couples we know, Linda and her husband, “Larry” allow themselves a certain amount of mad money each per month to spend on whatever they want.  Normally, Linda’s mad money goes towards shoes, while Larry tends to spend his on tech gadgets.  Pretty typical, even boring, right?Is A Lap Dance a Legit Expense?A few days ago, as Linda was trying on a new pair of shoes, she asked Larry what he bought with his spending cash this month.  Larry, without even looking up from his book, commented that he spent it in Vegas the previous week, at his friend Dan’s bachelor party.  Specifically, he spent it on lap dances at strip clubs!Linda wasn’t sure what was more shocking – that her mild mannered, accountant hubby had blown hundreds of dollars on lap dances, or that he told her about it as casually as if he was asking her to dim the lights.Is it Cheating?Linda was beyond upset – in her mind Larry paying money to have naked women grind on him was equivalent to cheating!  Even if they didn’t technically have sex, it came (no pun intended) close enough! Linda was enraged – not only at the way he had spent money, but the fact they she actually felt betrayed by his actions.Which led us all to a discussion of … lap dances and porn in generally. Not something that me and my girlfriends usually discuss.  For starters, is getting a lap dance tantamount to cheating?  What about looking at pornography on the internet?  And secondly, should there be conditions put on what couples can spend their mad money on?The Naked TruthFirst let’s address point A.  If you are paying to have a naked woman rub her body all over you — is it any different than paying for sex? Linda said she couldn’t help feeling betrayed, but most guys we spoke with said “all the guys do it” and in no way was it cheating! And, to be honest, a lot of our girlfriends didn’t think it was such a big deal either…Does Money Make It Okay?Now let’s look at it from another angle – here’s where money comes into play again.  Everyone we spoke with agreed if a married man meets a girl in a bar and the night ends with her rubbing her naked body all over him – that’s cheating – whether actual intercourse occurs or not. But once you add money into the equation and the men are paying for it – well then, that’s ok!?Seems like the opposite of prostitution logic – whereas paying money for intercourse is a criminal activity, paying money for a non-intercourse sexual thrill legitimizes it?   Isn’t that sort of a double standard?  And speaking of double standards, it should come as no surprise that even though most guys we spoke with said paying for lap dances was no big deal, almost every guy we talked to said they would absolutely NOT be comfortable with their wife getting a lap dance from a man!Lap Dances & Life LessonsAll of which brings us back to poor Linda and Larry.  She’s ready to pull them into a marriage counselor, and he thinks she is totally overreacting. SO – what’s your opinion of this dicey intersection between money and sex?  IS paying for sexual contact ever okay? Let us know at Fab & Fru!by Fabulous & Frugallast_img read more